Texas to Spend $2 Billion on Badly Needed Border Security Where Feds Fail


Washington, D.C. – The Texas Public Policy Foundation hailed the passage of a historic border security bill in the Texas Legislature this week which is now set to be signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott. The bill allocates $1.8 billion for border security, including funds for more than 700 miles of border wall between Texas and Mexico and for beefing up detention and court capacity for the thousands of illegal aliens flooding across the southwest border. 

 The legislation is another major welcome move by the State of Texas. It’s also unfortunate that Texas had to step up in the first place when it was the federal government that should have taken care of the border security issue according to Kevin Roberts, CEO of the Texas Public Policy Foundation.  

 “We are happy to see Governor Abbott and the Legislature rising to the occasion to uphold the rule of law amid the unprecedented crisis on our southwest border. However, we are unhappy that Texas taxpayers are having to fund this nearly $2 billion expenditure because the federal government has shirked its duty for so long,” Roberts said.  

 “Democrats and Republicans alike came together in Texas to make this bill a reality. They have recognized, rightly, that border security is not a partisan issue. Not that long ago it wasn’t a partisan issue in Washington either, but the current administration seems determined to ignore the crisis altogether while simultaneously making life as difficult as possible for those trying to find a solution. It’s the duty of the federal government to protect its citizens, especially those living on the border. When those citizens must pay more in taxes because their government won’t do its job, it’s a sad day indeed.” 

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CGM5, Fri, 09/03/2021 - 16:05

“Democrats and Republicans alike came together in Texas to make this bill a reality. Hooray for the Texans.

"In Texas an illegal immigrant can use a gun without a permit to forcefully rape your daughter and report her after she gets an abortion and be awarded $10,000 by the state."

Yeah, Hooray for the Texans.

CGM5, Fri, 09/03/2021 - 18:31

You mean one of biden's illegal aliens. One of the millions he invited over on national television? One of the illegals he pretends aren't really illegally sneaking in. You mean one of the illegal aliens that wouldn't be here if all of President Trump's safeguards hadn't been removed by biden. You mean one of the illegals biden is flying all over the country in the hopes they wont be so noticeable by the US citizens? Do you mean one of those, Moron?

"It did start under the last couple of months of Trump" -CGM5


If it started under trump like you said, it would mean that trump's policies were ineffective anyway.

Biden didn't invite anybody that is coming over here illegally. He said those seeking asylum come over, which means they are trying to come over here legally. Biden's Border Patrol is doing a good job of catching the illegal ones. 

Jeff L, Sat, 09/04/2021 - 07:25

"Biden didn't invite anybody that is coming over here illegally. He said those seeking asylum come over, which means they are trying to come over here legally. Biden's Border Patrol is doing a good job of catching the illegal ones. "

Pretty sure he invited the ones with firearms just last week. And you even commented on it!!! Biden is gone(mentally) and soon physically, buddy and so are you!! BTW crossing the border without a passport or right to citizenship is ALWAYS illegal. There is no AMNESTY

Jeff L, Sun, 09/05/2021 - 06:11

Why do you need a video to refresh your memory of something you just said two days ago?? Forgetful much? Or are you just that dumb. I'm going with option b because no one is that forgetful. 

CGM5, Sat, 09/04/2021 - 11:03

You just aren't very bright are you? If you are going to use someone's words out of context (which is lying), you should at least have the intelligence not to attach the link that will instantly prove you to be a liar but, we are talking about you aren't we? 

More like in spite of Biden. Btw haven’t heard from Chuckles and Madorkas in a while have they figured out the “root cause” of illegal immigration yet?

Jeff L, Sun, 09/05/2021 - 06:13

Blaming trump for YEARS of government neglect. HOW CLASSIC you liberals are pathetic in every way. Down to blaming a person who was only a politician for 4 years... meanwhile the current idiot in the white house has been there for DECADES!!!! But nothing wrong there right???????????? 



Republicans are so angry all the time.

Reminds me of the fact that people have been crossing the border illegally for centuries, but you people blame Biden for all of it, even thought the current "surge" (which is inflated by republicans for political gain) started under trump. Trump also had a huge surge in 2019 that republicans said nothing about. Self aware much?

No “ global climate change”? I’m surprised! Must have been before that was all en vogue ;)

That's all your party exists for is to attempt to "own the libs" isn't it? No, they also exist to attempt to take over the government too, oops.

 I promise you nobody on the left is going to care if Texas wastes its own people's money on something that will prove to not work anyway. I personally find it a hilariously futile effort.

Jeff L, Sun, 09/05/2021 - 06:15

even the white house fence didn't keep out "the government takeover" you cry about every day.........................



You are absolutely right. That was trumps fence too, remember Biden wasn't president yet at the time :D

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