Large Groups of Illegal Immigrants Moving Near the Border

SAN DIEGO — After encountering a series of unusual sized groups of illegal immigrants for the region, San Diego Sector (SDC) Border Patrol agents, in partnership with the government of Mexico, conducted an operation targeting the smuggling organization responsible for transporting these large groups to the border.

On Nov. 4, San Diego Sector’s Foreign Operations Branch, working with the government of Mexico, conducted the operation, which led to the arrest of two Mexican citizens for human smuggling, the seizure of a box truck, and the rescue of 75 illegals from Brazil, Venezuela, and Portugal who were locked inside of the box truck.

“Partnerships with the government of Mexico continue to play a vital role in combating smugglers who exploit individuals for monetary gain,” said Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke.  “We thank them for their support and will continue our joint-effort to bring these criminals to justice.”

Over the last several weeks, San Diego Sector Border Patrol agents encountered an increasing number of unusual sized illegal alien groups ranging from approximately 50 to 90 people.

Between Oct. 28 and Nov. 9, agents encountered five groups, mostly from Brazil and Venezuela. The groups all entered the United States illegally and consisted of men, women, and children and were 43, 49, 73, 84 and 93 people in size.

On Oct. 27, agents observed a box truck dropping off a group of individuals on the southside of the international border fence. The group proceeded to enter the United States through a compromised drainage tube. Agents responded to the area and encountered 67 men, women, and children from both Brazil and Venezuela.

On Oct. 26, agents encountered two groups of immigrants that illegally entered the United States through a compromised sewer grate. The first group consisted of 86 Brazilian nationals. A few hours later, the second group of illegals, consisting of 69 Brazilian nationals, was encountered at the same location. Both groups consisted of men, women, and children.

On Oct. 23, agents observed a group of immigrants illegally enter the United States through a drainage tube three miles west of the San Ysidro Port of Entry. Agents responded to the area and encountered 72 men, women, and children. Every person in the group was determined to be from either Brazil or Venezuela.

74 Illegal Aliens (Contributed/CBP)

74 Illegal Aliens (Contributed/CBP)

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