Artists Behind The Walls

Event postings are $35 each. Event listings are displayed on the website and in our daily email until the event occurs. Events generally reach over 20,000 people per week.

You are invited to the captivating showcase of artistry at Darkwood Art Gallery's Inmate Art Show. Join us as we unveil a collection of over 100 remarkable artworks crafted by talented individuals within the Texas prison system.

Experience the power of creativity transcending boundaries as we exhibit the remarkable pieces created by incarcerated artists. Each stroke of the brush, every line drawn, and every sculpture crafted tells a unique story of resilience, hope, and redemption.

As advocates for artistic expression and rehabilitation, Darkwood Art Gallery is honored to present this extensive exhibition, providing a platform for voices that often go unheard.

We look forward to your presence at this meaningful event, where art serves as a bridge between confinement and freedom, showcasing the beauty of the human spirit.

Darkwood Art Gallery


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