ICON Cinema Blood Drive

Event postings are $35 each. Event listings are displayed on the website and in our daily email until the event occurs. Events generally reach over 20,000 people per week.

Blood Supplies remain dangerously LOW after the long Memorial Holiday Weekend.  Blood Donors are needed NOW to replenish the increased blood usage over the holiday!

When you donate May 24-31, you'll receive the exclusive Givin is Groovy T-shirt in appreciation! This is the first in Vitalant's 2024 "Decades" T-shirt series. Embrace the groovy spirit and spread the message that giving blood to help patients is as cool and timeless as ever. Don't miss out! While supplies last. Redeemable by email. Details here.

Blood donors only need to be at least 16 years old, weigh a minimum of 110 pounds and be healthy.  16 - 22 year old female donors will need to meet additional height and weight requirements. 16 year old donors must present a minor donor permit signed by a parent or guardian - go to www.vitalant.org to find the form.'

ICON Cinema Blood Drive  Fri, May 31 from 5 p.m.  - 8 p.m. at 2020 N. Bryant.

Donors get T-shirt, 2 Movie Admissions via Gift Card, PLUS Free Sandwich and Breakfast item courtesy of Chick Fil A.

Appointments Encouraged. Text Linda @ 325-656-2645 or Call 877-258-4825. Get the Vitalant App at www.Vitalant.org.

About Vitalant

Vitalant (Vye-TAL-ent)) is one of the nation's largest nonprofit blood and biotherapies healthcare organizations, providing hospitals and patients across the U.S. a safe blood supply, specialized laboratory services, transfusion medicine expertise and world-renowned research. Individuals generously donating blood, volunteering and giving financially are essential to our lifesaving mission. Learn more at vitalant.org


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