WATCH: Officials Urge Residents to Do Their Part & Get Vaccinated


SAN ANGELO – Officials across Tom Green County sent out video messages Friday urging residents to do the right thing to help eliminate COVID-19 by getting vaccinated.

The first message was from Mayor Brenda Gunter.

Followed by a message from the Tom Green County Judge Steve Floyd.

The last person to put out a message was from the President of the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce, Walt Koenig.

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At this point everyone is aware a vaccine is available and some have chosen not to partake. The Mayor has her opinion of what is best for the slovenly unelected idiots that refuse the vaccine. Brenda, your opinion has been heard. Now go back to Miss Hattis and make me a grill cheese sandwich.

The vaccine dose that has my name on it, Biden can bend over and stick it inside his secret hiding spot.......

I, in my little circle of life, know 5, count them 5, people who have DIED after taking the jab, either from blood clots or strokes.  Cause of deaths listed:  Complications from Covid.  They didn't have Covid when they took the jab.  They didn't have any symptoms of Covid.  But they died after taking the jab.  Now, someone tell me why I, who have survived for over a year and a half by taking my D, C, Zinc, staying away from crowds of people, using hand sanitizer, why, should I take the jab and run the risk of it killing me at an obviously much greater rate per capita than Corona is?  Plus, we have no idea what the long term effects of the jab is going to be because it was not put through the long term tests that all other vaccines have been put through.  Have one friend whose brother took the jab and had a CAT Scan 2 weeks later and had over 30 lesions on his lungs that were not there in the CAT Scan he had just 6 weeks earlier.  So, you can go ahead, all of you, and preach that everyone should get the jab but us out here in the real world KNOW what the truth about the jab is.  Plus, why would anyone want to take a so-called vaccine that doesn't even keep you from getting Covid!  Or landing the hospital?  And what about all those people who have died after taking the jab and ending up with Covid and still died?  Yeah, we see it, Live.  You post it everyday and almost always, there is at least one "fully vaccinated" who died.  Covid or the vaccine?  What was the true cause of death?  Nope.  You can keep my dose and all the doses for my family, too.

"I, in my little circle of life, know 5, count them 5, people who have DIED after taking the jab, either from blood clots or strokes. Cause of deaths listed:  Complications from Covid."

Is there anyway you can prove this? Because I simply think you are making this up, OR more likely that you are not telling the entire story, like they were over 60 or in some other high risk category (if it even happened).

"Have one friend whose brother took the jab and had a CAT Scan 2 weeks later and had over 30 lesions on his lungs that were not there in the CAT Scan he had just 6 weeks earlier. "

What issues was this person already having that caused a doctor to order 2 CAT scans 6 weeks apart? This is not the entire story.

"why, should I take the jab and run the risk of it killing me at an obviously much greater rate per capita than Corona is?"

This is simply not true. BILLIONS of people all over the world have taken the vaccines with no issues whatsoever.

The overwhelming majority of people who took the vaccine and died from covid afterwords are in a high risk category of some sort.


There is absolutely no way to prove anything to Me Someone. She is entrenched in her ideology and will listen to nothing, while finding numerous links to post in support of her lunacy. People should not waste their time with this ideologue. PS I will not respond to anything she posts in response to my reply, so go ahead and waste your breath, Me.

Yeah, we know that republicans can't prove anything they say, because all they spout is misinformation and lies. Like Jeff L insisting Obama was president during 9/11.

At least I attempt to prove or provide evidence of my position.

She looks like a train wreck. One stop at her restaurant confirms that she is. Hey Mayor Cruella! You can have my dose!

“Heres the deal”

How about if you have had China virus you dont need the jab. 

If you haven't had the China virus then its recommended you get the jab.

Plane and simple  

The suppression of ivermectin seems criminal to me.

There IS ivermectin for humans (not horse paste)  that rational medical physicians can and will prescribe.

You people need to get off it,there's people’s lives here at stake,not just yours also the people you love.

The Cheeto-headed buffoon who played at being our previous president clownishly described the Covid-19 nightmare as the "China Virus".  I suggest we emulate his penchant for naming diseases and henceforth refer to Covid-19 as the "Moron Virus" because its spread and the resulting damage being done to our health care system are exacerbated by the actions of bubbleheaded dweebs driven by ignorance, sheer stupidity, lies, and political myopia all working to stifle their ability to exercise simple common sense.

The anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers, by flexing their delusions, are doing the rest of us a great disservice.  The words of Christ come to mind:  "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do."  See the link below.

My last trip to the er, the er doctors words " 9 of 10 cases are flu/severe cold. We're just calling it covid" 

These were exact words from a medical doctors mouth. I think I'd rather trust him than all of you forum jockeys.

You really should get over yourself. If you don't agree with someone it doesn't make their statement non fact.....

If it is a fact, then they should be able to prove it. I prove my positions, or at least try to provide evidence of my position. This place and facebook and other cesspools are full of misinformation that could potentially cause harm.

Is it fair to say the vaccine is safe and effective? If so, those who have taken the vaccine are safe. The only people at risk would be the non-vaxxers. Why do the vaxxers care if the ignorant non-vaxxers get sick or die? 

Great question! Anyway I wouldn’t expect an answer your comment made WAY to much sense ;)

Because I don't want any Americans to die from something preventable, I want the idiots who choose not to to still be alive and post on salive so I can keep proving them wrong. 

Remember, even with mandates, nobody is forcing you to take the vaccine. Having a job is not a right, you can CHOOSE to not get vaccinated and stay home if you want to.

Stay home and do what go on government assistance? I don’t have an issue with those “encouraging” others to be vaccinated, but the federal government has no business mandating a vaccine for a virus which over 98 percent of those infected survive.

"for a virus which over 98 percent of those infected survive."

So almost 700,000 Americans dead from this don't matter to you?

Also, just because someone survives it does not mean they won't have severe complications for the rest of their life.

And when it comes out that there are none, you people will just flip flop to another excuse, just like you did when you used to say it wasn't FDA approved, now it is and you are still against it because you say you don't know the long term effects (hint: there won't be any). The excuses never end with you people.

Listen carefully because this is the last time I’m going to explain it to you. I’m not opposed to masks or vaccines, I’m opposed to MANDATES…especially when they have to do with a virus that 98 percent of those infected survive ;)

Doesn't mean those that survived won't have complications for the rest of their lives. If you are not opposed to the vaccines why have you not taken it, and why are you making excuses to not take it?

Besides the school mandates for masks, all of the other mandates are a non issue if you stay home. You can absolutely CHOOSE to not get vaccinated, nobody is forcing anyone to do anything they don't want to.

How do you know that I haven’t? All I said was that I had already had covid, so therefore I possess natural immunity due to the antibodies.

You know…SCIENCE ;)

“Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to”

By threatening them with their job? You’ve GOT to be kidding! What I’m waiting to see is how many unions are going to get exceptions several have already come out and said it would only happen through a collective bargaining agreement ;)



No, the government won't take you job away. If you are not vaccinated then your job could get a fine, it is up to them to CHOOSE to fire you over it.

Thankfully that won't be happening in Texas, and most likely after the huge lawsuit forming, that will eventually find its way to the supreme court, it won't be happening anywhere.

You can also choose to stay home if you have a compromised immune system or are scared of a virus with a less than 3% mortality rate. 

Marxist dems would rather do away with capitalist system and turn all power and control over to the federal government it’s what they do! Covid is simply their opportunity to finally make their utopian socialist wet dream come true. Remember…“never let a crisis go to waste” ;)

“never let a crisis go to waste”

Sound like what the republicans are doing with the border, only it should be "never let something republicans can turn into a crisis for their own benefit go to waste"

The current border issues started with trump, he even had his own surge in 2019 that republicans said nothing about.

They’ll even go so far as to CREATE a crisis like they did on our southern border, leaving the federal government no other choice than to come in and “fix” it…all with the help of a decidedly leftist media and “useful idiots” like MeMe ;)

I'm not sure who "MeMe" is but they don't sound like anyone worthy of knowing. As for our current situation at the white house I think it's far beyond repair. There have been far too many administrations with neglect towards our country. Instead our government is now the World police and has lost sight of taking care of our own. 

I am guessing you are republican? I base that on your intolerance of someone with a different opinion than yourself.

"lost sight of taking care of our own."

The issue is that democrats try to take care of Americans, and republicans just scream that it is "sOcIaLiSm" every time. We could have universal healthcare, free public college, programs for young parents (republicans swear it's about the babies, but ignore them after they are born), much higher wages inline with inflation, housing assistance, drug rehabilitation programs, etc. All have been tried by Democrats at some point and were shot down by republicans because they say we are not a "nanny state" or a "welfare state" or we don't have the money (while afghanistan, which Biden ended, cost 300 million dollars a DAY.) We would have so much more if republicans weren't blocking everything that would help America and it's people.

I made no mention of favoring one political party or the other, nor did I reflect by placing blame on any one particular administration, and if you don't think that there is corruption in or government ranks then you are definitely not worth talking to. Anyways back to your meager life of "proving things"..

Just admit it abortion is the taking of a human life. You can’t do it can you?

Republicans are subverting the constitution and established law to get what they want, really to pander to their base. Don't get all pissy if Democrats decide to do the same thing. Only I know you will because you people cried about democrats leaving the state in protest of a law when republicans have done the same thing multiple times before.

When I was a young child I caught the mumps. I was cured with the latest “miracle” drug, tetracycline. However it was discovered, many years later, that tetracycline had a side effect.  The “miracle” drug turned your adult teeth black!  Of course this side effect wasn’t discovered until thousands of children had received the medicine. Whenever I read these feckless bureaucrats demanding citizens take this unproven and ineffective “vaccine” I’m reminded of the hype around tetracycline.

An excellent and relevant point, Rational.

SA Live posted this story under the category "Crime". How appropriate. The local government's response to covid is criminal.

So one drug in the 70's negates all modern medicine? I guess you shouldn't take anything developed within the last 40 years or so then, you never know what they might find next.

You’re right, they could even find a cure for ignorant demo libs someday ;)

Wonder where our very own Dr. Fauci (Vretis) is? Probably at some concert somewhere with his mask hanging down around his neck ;)

Standard republican propaganda/misinformation move, attack the person, not the message or the information.

Not attacking just making an observation. Besides Vretis is a “big boy” he can take it ;)

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