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  • Police Chief Chronicles I: Pinched in the Buttocks

    06/04/2024 - 13:07 , by live
    OPINION — I have been around as a journalist in San Angelo since Chief Tim Vasquez allegedly pinched the buttocks of a confidential informant woman at the Oasis Night Club on Beauregard. I count four elections, including the one this month. I have seen very nasty competitions and some years with no election at all. Chief Frank Carter was effectively appointed to a second term in an uncontested race in the 2000s because no one would run against him.
  • Reducing Crime Within My First 100 Days

    PAID POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT — I have served in the San Angelo Police Department for 33.5 years. I love it. With your help, I’ll spend the last phase of my career serving as police chief, and I’m excited to help the next generation of officers prepare to provide an ever-safer future for San Angelo.
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