Group of Illegal Haitian Immigrants Attempted to Overthrow Border Patrol Bus


KINGSVILLE,  TX – A group of illegal Haitian immigrants attempted to overthrow a Border Patrol transport bus on Monday afternoon.

According to the Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office, on Sep. 20 at around 4:30 p.m., deputies with the KCSO were dispatched to Highway 77 about 25 miles south of Kingsville to assist Border Patrol.

Dispatch informed them that a group of Hatian refugees were attempting to take over their prison bus and escape. During the attempted escape a number of border patrol agents were assaulted.

"Well I believe in an attempt to abscond into the brush or leave the area these individuals were able to assault federal agents on the bus in an attempt to escape," said Kleberg County Sheriff Richard Kirkpatrick. "I think he was at that point where the driver was able to pull over, that’s when they were able to get and force the door open and abscond off the bus.”

Kirkpatrick confirmed that all of the illegals were eventually detained, put on another bus, and shipped to Brownsville.

"Nevertheless, this is just a continued case in point of an extremely volatile situation that is getting out of control," said Kirkpatrick."As we go forward with this type of continuing thing as the border crisis unfolds."

The group of Haitians were being transported from Del Rio to Brownsville.

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CGM5, Tue, 09/21/2021 - 16:02

If these illegals are willing to assault armed Border Patrol just to escape off a bus, what's going to happen when they are loose in our communities and they are broke and hungry?

SO you are saying we should have food programs and government assistance programs? Because the argument you are attempting to make for immigrants also applies to broke and hungry people that are natural citizens. Poverty and hunger is already here, as is the crime that is caused by them.

Are you for or against government assistance programs that would help people in poverty and hunger, which would help prevent crime?

Chicagostan is a perfect example of how gubernmint assistance isn't helping stem poverty, hunger or crime.

So you admit there are problems, but you are unwilling to do anything about them?

You have any proof of what you are saying? Here's mine,

You "renaming" Chicago into a "Chicagostan", which the "stans" are an area of the world full of America's enemies, is a perfect example of how republicans feel about their fellow Americans. You people prove everyday on here that you care nothing about your country or the people in it.

I didn't admit anything, once again using word insertion and ignorance as a diversion, your ways are old and tired.....

What I did do is prove to you that government assistance doesn't do what you said it does.... examples Louisiana, New Mexico, Missouri, Illinois. There are more states with the highest amount of food stamps to crime rate but please do continue....

  • Alabama. Poverty rate: 15.5% ...
  • West Virginia. Poverty rate: 16.0% ...
  • Arkansas. Poverty rate: 16.2% ...
  • Kentucky. Poverty rate: 16.3% ...
  • New Mexico. Poverty rate: 18.2% ...
  • Louisiana. Poverty rate: 19.0% ...
  • Mississippi. Poverty rate: 19.6% ...

You did not post a link to the place you received your information from. You did not provide any evidence except you typing words.

I thought these were nice, kind and timid people seeking a better life..... HA !!! Should have taken my advice and machine gunned them crossing the river illegally several days ago..... Other countries would have done it if trying to cross over their borders and enter onto their soil illegally........

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