Texas AG Paxton: Biden's Border Crisis 'Ruining Our Country'


AUSTIN – Attorney General Ken Paxton traveled to Del Rio and Brackettville last week to see firsthand the devastating effects of the Biden Administration’s failed immigration policies. He met with Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas National Guard, Customs and Border Patrol, Kinney County officials and the Texas Border Sub-Regional Planning Committee to listen to their concerns as they deal with illegal aliens pouring into our country on a daily basis. He also visited the holding facility where a significant number of detainees are brought in.  

During a Brackettville town-hall meeting with local residents, ranchers and property owners, General Paxton reiterated his support for the rule of law and the record-breaking lawsuits he’s filed against the Biden Administration on the border crises alone. The point was clear – law enforcement resources are spread thin, Texans are infuriated and there is no federal assistance on the way.   

“The Biden Administration is ruining our country,” Attorney General Paxton said. “Our president cares more about helping the cartel than our country. I have filed six lawsuits against this careless administration, and more are coming. I will fight the Biden Administration tooth and nail until our citizens find relief.”

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What exactly is happening that is a directly caused by this that is "ruining our country"? Sounds like more hyperbole from republicans.

Also, it is the republican's "war on drugs" that caused these cartels to exist in the first place.

CGM5, Mon, 10/18/2021 - 16:23

The liberal sheep that worship biden can deflect, lie, twist the truth, point fingers, scream WHUT ABOUT TRUMP! or try and spin it anyway they want but the truth is biden caused this and refuses to do anything about it. He's probably planning amnesty asap so he can increase his voting block. He's going to need these new voters because I doubt most Americans will vote for him again.

"He's probably planning amnesty asap"

Reagan made all illegal immigrants legal in the 80's.

CGM5, Mon, 10/18/2021 - 18:47

He did with the promise from the democrats (the majority at that time) that they would help him seal the border and stop future illegal immigration. The promise wasn't kept, surprise surprise. 

Got proof of this? I bet you don't.

I have tried to find ANYTHING that supports what you are saying, I can't find anything that says this. Why do republican have to lie just to attempt to make a point? Must be because they have nothing else.

CGM5, Mon, 10/18/2021 - 20:02

This took all of about 3 minutes. Of course you will twist spin or deny all of this. If anyone wanted to spend an hour researching, they could find several articles about this.





First, the fact that you linked these shows proves to me that all of the other times (and in the future) you fail(ed) to prove your position you were/are lying, since you showed you at least have the ability to link evidence.

I applaud your attempt at proving your position, way to go, you are definitely learning and I will hope you continue to learn and grow.

Now, with that being said, the only one of your links to support your argument was the first one, which is a letter from an unknown person (when you google their name "WILLIAM J. TASSANI" only this "letter" comes up) to an editor and they provide no evidence themselves. All of the other articles you listed show nothing when searching for "democrats" or "promise". Not a single one says that the measure failed because of anything democrats did, in fact they say it failed because they failed to see the demand for immigrant labor was so high.

In FACT, your links prove MY point;

"It didn’t work, as evidenced by the more than 11 million illegal aliens believed to be in the U.S. today. One reason that IRCA resulted in increased illegal immigration was that border controls alone are insufficient to prevent increases in the illegal alien population"


The WP article says it was because of watered down sanctions and labor misjudgments;

"Why were the employer restrictions so ineffective? During the debate in Congress, the bill's sponsors ended up watering down the sanctions on employers to attract support from the business community, explains Wayne Cornelius of the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at U.C. San Diego. "The end result was that they essentially gutted the employer sanctions," he says."

"But a major conceptual flaw in the bill, says Doris Meissner, was that the authors of the bill simply misjudged the high demand for immigrant labor in the United States."


Not a SINGLE one of your articles say that it failed because a "promise the democrats made and didn't keep" (or any variation therof.) Except of course your first link which is a letter to the editor by some unknown expressing his opinion.

Do you have a news article or something else?

Even without amnesty, Illegal immigration changes electoral college votes. Since it’s “racist voter intimidation” to ask if you are a citizen on the census. The next census is a ways off but still should be pointed out considering the U.S. has 10-30 million illegals.

Interesting you would say that, do you understand how the world works? You can't prove a negative and you cant prove something doesn't exist. Besides they are the one who made the assertion, and like BLANC09 says, the burden of proof is on them.

CGM5, Mon, 10/18/2021 - 20:22

(Besides they are the one who)

Bad grammar, just slow down, try and focus, it will be okay.

Everything going according to plan for the marxist dems whose desire it is to “fundamentally change” America ;)

You yourself said you have no idea what that means, and you can't even prove anyone actually said it.

Here's a democrat saying that America needed fundamental change


All he left us with was change, what a disaster.

He said "I don't want bush/cheney light, I want a fundamental change" meaning a fundamental change in leadership.

Obama also said he wanted to “fundamentally transform America” spin that lol.

My point is how is it possible to determine what something as arbitrary as wanting to “fundamentally change” America REALLY means? I was actually hoping you had a clue since it”s “you people” who like to say it ;)

There’s a reason why democrats speak in such arbitrary terms. It feeds the craven nature of liberals, who view our country as inherently evil, to blame someone/something instead of taking responsibility for their own inadequacies.

It’s why all democrats have to do is espouse something so arbitrary as the need for “fundamental change” and they cream all over themselves voting for them ;)

Hey guyz, the proof monster is out. Careful it doesn't beg you for proof and pretend nothing ever happened.

The desire to “fundamentally change” America is nothing new it’s something the left has been trying to accomplish for decades.

The indoctrination of our youth through woke, anti-capitalist ideology. The expansion of the welfare state making more and more people dependent on the federal government. The portrayal of hard working, freedom loving Americans as “domestic terrorists” and “white supremacists”…all marxist tactics espoused by those who truly hate our country ;)


"anti-capitalist ideology"

This is because capitalism only benefits the rich. Wages have been stagnant for 12 years, meanwhile social security (a social program "socialism") just got a raise due to inflation. Nobody can afford a two bedroom apartment in ANY state in the US on a minimum wage job. The rich get richer while everyday people have to struggle even though they work two jobs, it no longer works.

" The expansion of the welfare state making more and more people dependent on the federal government"

Let me ask you a simple question; what is wrong with getting benefits back from taxes everybody pays? Especially since working a full time job doesn't pay the bills anymore anyway.

"The portrayal of hard working, freedom loving Americans as “domestic terrorists” and “white supremacists”"

If you like freedom so much, why are attempting to ban precedented rights? Why are you banning safety devices in schools? Why are actively suppressing voters? Your party only cares about what rights it has and what rights it can take away from people you don't like. As far as white supremacists, well that is a right wing ideology, always has been. The kkk (and the taliban) supports trump. You people worship statues of traitor confederate generals. I see trump stickers and confederate flags together quite often. 

It's the attempted takeover of the government, attempt to hang lawmakers and the attempt to install a dictator because your party lost a fair election that even your own people found no issues with that make you domestic terrorists, trumps own appointed republican FBI director said it himself,



Everything people accuse you and your party of it did to itself. If you people do things to keep your voter base happy that negatively effect other people you might get labeled as such. Don't expect to have negative attitudes toward other people and minority groups and be able to avoid the labels and names associated with them. You REALLY need to look into the mirror if you are wondering why your party is called the things it is called.

It has become the images to look for when you want to confirm white supremacists and domestic terrorists. Don't take my word for it, trumps own FBI director said so.

Haha you’re such an idiot. Anyway thanks for confirming my comment you’re a good little marxist ;)

Explain why helping Americans have a better life is a bad thing.

Also, you are the one who quotes "mArXiSt" literature all the time. I myself have never read a single thing from that genre.

“The problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money”.

Margaret Thatcher

I love how you quote Thatcher who is from, and ran, the UK, and the UK has socialized medicine. So self aware.

Well then she should know. What else they have in the UK is long wait times and rationing of care ;)




So if you are bleeding to death they make you wait? If you are having a heart attack they make you wait?

Let me ask you a “simple question”. When I grew up there were very few people on welfare, and believe me they weren’t PROUD of it or taking advantage like people do now. What changed?

What changed? Wages have became stagnant and costs of living has gone up. Alone with the mantra that everything has to make money/profit and corporations have spent 30 years buying everything up and renting it back to us for triple what it should be.

Used to be that you could afford a 3 bedroom house with two cars and support a 3-4 person family on one single income. Now you can't even do that on two.

I answered your question now answer mine:

What is wrong with getting benefits back from taxes everybody pays? 

More opportunity now than ever before especially when it comes to minorities. The left is all about the politics of envy. It’s pitting the “have nots” against the “haves”… never mind the fact that the overwhelming majority of successful people worked their tail off to become that way ;)

You’re kidding right? I know PLENtY of successful people who started out with nothing. Besides it’s equal opportunity not equal outcome!

It’s ok I wouldn’t expect someone like you to understand ;)

Plenty of people huh? Well, since you can't prove that it is convenient isn't it. 

So you know people who were born into poverty and made it just fine huh? I am assuming that since you know them and are in San Angelo they didn't become all that successful. 

What would you know about success you’re nothing but an envious loser ;)

Didn't think you could provide an answer. You once again, as always, have to revert to your poor attempts at insults because you have nothing, and never will have anything, because all you do is make things up and lie since you and your party stand for nothing.

I absolutely love this. It's hilarious because it is yet more proof of republicans hypocrisy. Republicans griped and moaned about people kneeling to protest racial inequality and systematic racism at sports games and said that politics should be kept out of sports. Yet here you are, on your new slogan soap box, which came about at a sports venue. Proving once again that republicans will cry about ANYTHING the other side does, but will gladly do it themselves no problem. Lovely, keep it up.

It's true, republicans said keep politics out of sports up until they decided to do it themselves, now apparently it's fine.

Please...please keep posting your liberal garbage....and don't let up on the gas. You and your ilk will be CRUSHED in this next election cycle .At least you are honest about how the liberal thinks and expose the insanity that is involved in your thinking.Thank you thank you thankyou !

Please...please keep posting your liberal garbage....and don't let up on the gas. You and your ilk will be CRUSHED in this next election cycle .At least you are honest about how the liberal thinks and expose the insanity that is involved in your thinking.Thank you thank you thankyou !

Everyone saying let’s go Brandon is a republican? Also, people didn’t like the kneeling because a lot of Americans are sick of these commie struggle sessions. Shouting criticism of Joe Biden is much different you fool.

Protesting systematic racism is a "commie struggle session"? What does that even mean?

Anyway, it's hilarious how hard you are trying to convince yourself that it's different. The fact is that you people are doing the exact same thing that you cried about the other side doing.

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