Texas Building Up Military Troops on the Border


AUSTIN – The Texas Military Department (TMD) and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) held a media briefing Tuesday to provide an update on the mobilization of resources by the TMD to strengthen the state as part of Operation Lone Star (OLS) at the direction of Gov. Greg Abbott. The briefing was held at DPS regional headquarters in Weslaco.

DPS South Texas Regional Media Lt. Christopher Olivarez and TMD Maj. Michael Perry addressed the efforts at the border by the two partner agencies.

“The Texas National Guard is surging personnel, equipment and capabilities to the Texas and Mexico border region in support of Operation Lone Star,” said Brig. Gen. Monie R. Ulis, Operation Lone Star Commander. “As we build our force, we remain ready to detect, block and apprehend individuals and groups conducting illegal activity.”

Ulis has six task forces assigned to him, which include four operational task forces and one each that are support and engineering. The engineering task force is currently in Maverick, Val Verde and neighboring counties to build a temporary barrier and infrastructure along the border to protect property and secure Texas.

Thus far, 3.5 miles of fencing have been completed in Val Verde, with 35 miles additional planned. Another 27 miles of fencing is planned on private property in Maverick County. TMD has several thousand troops along the border, and will bring several thousand more in the next few weeks to assist with securing Texas as part of OLS.

In addition to manpower, TMD also has hundreds of items of tactical equipment assigned to help securing the border, stretching from Del Rio to Brownsville, as well as air assets. Additional pieces of tactical equipment will be brought to the border in the next few weeks to help with the mission.

DPS remains committed to working with TMD and its other partners to keep Texas secure as a part of OLS.

“We will remain at the border and focus on the core mission of OLS as long as is needed,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. “We are still making numerous arrests and seizing large quantities of drugs and guns, showing our presence there is necessary.”

As of Oct. 14, DPS has made 7,744 criminal arrests. This includes 1,300 for criminal trespassing and 6,339 on felony charges. In addition, there were 73,031 migrant apprehensions and referrals and 822 vehicle pursuits.

Recent OLS activities of note include:

  • On Oct. 15 in Cameron County, the DPS Strike Team conducted a traffic stop in which the driver fled on foot and entered a house to escape officials. Law enforcement found the driver hiding in the garage. The man was a prior deported felon, who had 32 wrapped packages of cocaine weighing .019 pounds and transporting four migrants in the vehicle. The migrants were turned over to U.S. Border Patrol. While in DPS custody the driver damaged the windshield of a patrol vehicle.
  • On Oct. 15 in Cameron County, the DPS Strike Team and Cameron County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant leading to the seizure of 34 firearms, 3.4 grams of cocaine, 12 ounces of marijuana, 21 ounces of methamphetamine, 8.3 grams of Xanax, 16 ounces of promethazine, 4.5 grams of LSD and 496 grams of THC oils and edibles.
  • On Oct. 19 in Starr County, DPS personnel, along with DEA, U.S. Border Patrol and the Starr County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant in Rio Grande City, which resulted in the seizure of 49 bundles of marijuana that weighed more than 816 pounds.
  • On Oct. 19 in Val Verde County, Troopers conducted a traffic stop on a pickup truck with an enclosed trailer and found 21 migrants in the trailer. They were referred to U.S. Border Patrol.

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CGM5, Wed, 10/27/2021 - 15:57

If they would just impeach biden and his empty suit VP, we probably wouldn't need a military buildup at the border. Considering how bad the illegal alien surge is in Texas, how bad is it in the other border states. Are the other states even putting up a fight?

But you said it started under trump.

Also, other states don't have to put up a fight because this is all for show to pander to the people that will eventually fall in line and vote for Abbott.

CGM5, Wed, 10/27/2021 - 17:18

This LIE you ALWAYS tell is getting pretty old. Everyone who reads these comments already knows I said it started under the last few weeks of President Trump because of biden's stupid campaign rhetoric. If your IQ was at least in the triple digits, you might be able to come up with something different but, apparently that can't happen. 

So trumps policies were still in place at the time right? That would prove them ineffective. Thank you for proving my point.

CGM5, Wed, 10/27/2021 - 17:31

 (this is all for show)

I don't believe anyone, even you can be that stupid. I think you are just all caught in your emotions and can't handle it. Don't worry, as you mature (smirk) those hormones will settle down.

Once again, the republicans have to resort to poor attempts at insults because they don't have the ability to have an actual discussion.

I am interested to see the numbers on this. If Texas doesn't publish them we will know something is up.

What “numbers” are you talking about? It’s already been widely reported that border “encounters” are at a 20 year high ;)

So we have seen these numbers before? 

Also, post where you received your information, if it has been "widely reported" then it should be easy for you. If you do not prove your position then we know you are making things up.

Also, "fiscal year" 2021 is from October 1 2020 until September 30 2021, according to Biden's Border Patrol. If you remove the four months in that fiscal year that trump was president (during which the surge started) what numbers do you get then? Same as trumps surge in 2019?

Try again. The “20 year high” refers to MONTHLY numbers, so everything you just said is total BS ;)

You do know how to google right? I know you can do it just keep trying lol.

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