WATCH: Rabble-Rouser Taunts First Responders in Profanity-Laced Tirade


SAN ANGELO – One of the critical aspects of an accident scene or fire scene if for first responders to keep bystanders safe.  Sometimes, individuals get too close to a crash or fire and are asked to move back.  

A local agent provocateur has recently been forcibly marching into crash, fire, and crime scenes causing liability issues for law enforcement and firefighters.  

Jack Miller has a YouTube channel and a phone and is determined to draw law enforcement officers or firefighters into some type of altercation on video, perhaps so he can sue for big bucks.

Miller is no stranger to the news cycle. The first encounter between Miller and law enforcement occurred in October 2020. During the incident he was wrongfully arrested by the San Angelo Police Department. For more see: WATCH: SAPD Releases Body Cam Footage of a Viral Video

Because of the this incident, the City of San Angelo was sued in federal court by Miller. The two parties later settled out of court for $125,000 according to court documents. In the settlement $15,000 was set aside for Miller's son and the rest was awarded to Miller. 

Since that day, Miller has been ambulance chasing San Angelo area first responders with a vengeance. On his Youtube Channel, the Blue Line Whistleblower, he has posted numerous videos attempting to trap, bait, push first responders in hopes that he can "expose" them. 

Now he has turned his ire on local civilians.

One civilian victim was a man named Ronald Wegner. Wegner, a resident of Tom Green County, was arrested on May 3 for assault that caused bodily injury to Miller. In a police report obtained by San Angelo LIVE! it claims that Wegner hit Miller in the head and broke his cell phone. County assistant attorney Leland Lacy is prosecuting the case, according to court documents. 

San Angelo LIVE! interviewed Wegner, who was defamed on Miller's YouTube channel as the "Gangsta Grandpa." 

In the interview, Wegner did not deny hitting Miller but did note the amount of hostility Miller had towards him. This apparently is nothing nothing new from Miller. In the video below, he can be seen screaming expletives towards anyone in his way.

In this new video obtained by us through a Texas Public Information Act request, Miller can be seen once again causing problems for first responders. This time he directs his ire at law enforcement and volunteer firefighters at a grass fire scene on May 7, 2022 near Carlsbad.

The following video is conversation from body cam footage released by the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office. For the full video click here. The video was recorded on May 7, 2022 and contains extremely graphic language. Viewer discretion is advised.


In the video Miller is heard telling the Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department, "F--k you, shut up" when asked to move away from a fire scene. He then refused to move which forced a deputy with the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office to make him move.

Miller continued arguing, chest bumping, and threatening law enforcement for the entirety of the 45 minute video. Multiple times in the video Miller tells deputies to "Shut the F--k Up," "F--k you," and even called a deputy the homophobic slur, "faggot."

In the State of Texas, the crime of disorderly conduct is defined as a person who commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly uses abusive, indecent, profane, or vulgar language in a public place, and the language by its very utterance tends to incite an immediate breach of the peace.

In the State of Texas interfering with public duties is also a crime. A person commits an offense if the person with criminal negligence interrupts, disrupts, impedes, or otherwise interferes with, a peace officer while the peace officer is performing a duty or exercising authority imposed or granted by law, a person who is employed to provide emergency medical services including the transportation of ill or injured persons while the person is performing that duty, or a fire fighter, while the fire fighter is fighting a fire or investigating the cause of a fire.

During the incident no arrest was made.

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CGM5, Tue, 05/10/2022 - 16:28

The reason this piece of c##p keeps doing this is because he keeps getting away with it. For an enterprising guy that wanted to, miller probably isn't that hard to out smart. Then you could sue him. After all, he does have over 100K of your tax money that he could lose in a court case.

u1sm1c, Tue, 05/10/2022 - 16:47

Perfect example of weakening the system by awarding Jhon welfares like this child. The reason why people run angelo ramped without fear of repercussions for breaking the law. This kid needs to be put away to learn to mind his own business and quit harassing people to a get an easy payday again. Boy needs a lesson by hard knocks since his parents failed to teach him

this young man is just trying to show everyone how corrupt our law enforcement can be and if the officials were doing what they are suppose to do then they would not be so upset

I think san angelo live should be the one reporting and videoing our officers and deputies along with other elected officials that are corrupt

but they dont want to expose the ugly, so now this kid is and its causing an up roar, because no one likes the ugly 

miller is doing what SOMEONE needs to do, so he is the bad guy? i dont think miller is brave for standing up for what is right ,if others would stand up too then maybe this town wouldnt be such an awful place to be



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