BREAKING: Biden Trades 'Merchant of Death' Russian Arms Dealer for Pot Smoking 'Baller


WASHINGTON D.C. – The leader of the free world traded a notorious mass murdering arms dealer to Russia for the release of troubled WNBA player Brittney Griner who was convicted of possession of cannabis in Russia and sentenced to nine years in prison. 

Multiple sources report Griner was freed from a Russian penal colony on Thursday in a prisoner exchange for convicted Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, a U.S. official confirmed to Fox News.

U.S. and Russian officials have expressed optimism in recent weeks about a potential deal for Griner. A top Russian official said last week that a deal was possible before year’s end.

President Biden tweeted about Griner’s release. He was seen in pictures with Vice President Kamala Harris and Griner's wife, Cherelle Griner.

Bout was in the middle of a 25-year sentence in federal prison after he was convicted of conspiracy to kill Americans relating to the support of a Colombian terrorist organization.

Paul Whelan, another American imprisoned in Russia, was not a part of the swap. He has been jailed on espionage charges that his family and the U.S. government have said are baseless.

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She "accidentally" put cannabis in her luggage knowing that she would be passing through Russian airport security. Although 9 years is overkill as a sentence, the time she served is well deserved.... in my opinion.

Except that's a man, taking hormones to play as a woman in the wnba. The democrats have become a joke. A grp of panderers and weaklings with no spine or genitalia to speak of. Hell they even pay doctors to remove their hoohahs and doodahs. Much like this one did.

I have no doubt, whatsoever, she could tie your old fat ass in a knot lol  Between you two, only one has done hard time in a Russian prison.

There are 23 states that have decriminalized marijuana.  Are you saying, in your opinion, every cannabis consumer in those states rates well deserved jail time??  Cover it up man.  Your age is showing.  

Not what I'm saying at all Bozo. But it does take an idiot to enter a foreign country with it in your luggage, especially Russia. 

There are a number of countries that have no sense of humor whatsoever about this kind of thing.  Having said that, it remains possible that this was an innocent mistake of her part.  We will never know.

Lets all be grateful that a fellow human being was freed and is still alive, safe, healthy, and unharmed :)

People upset about an American president getting an American citizen out of an (former communist) enemy country's prison seem to not have much allegiance or love for America or it's citizens.

There would have been a parade for this woman 35+ years ago, now nothing but hatred for America and it's citizens from people claiming to be "patriots".

Not surprised really.

Demons just traded a terrorist for a weed head. 

Move along sheople nothing happening here.

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