Local Gangsters Indicted for Organized Crime Involving Heavy Equipment


SAN ANGELO — In a sweeping operation, seven San Angelo residents found themselves under indictment for Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, according to documents released by the Tom Green County grand jury.

Tyler Drew LaFollette, Devon Stiers, Gabriel Wilkins, Tomas Tellez, Trevor Allbright, Frankie Wright, and Roy Nuncio were named as co-defendants in the indictment, stemming from a series of thefts and illegal activities that plagued the Quail Valley area.

The criminal saga unfolded on October 31, 2023, when Tom Green County Sheriff’s Deputies raced to the 2300 block of O’Bryan Lane in Quail Valley following reports of a theft. A distraught victim recounted the disappearance of his Yanmar utility tractor and Suzuki KingQuad ATV from his property. Equipped with game camera images capturing a white Chevy pickup making off with the ATV, authorities were quick to launch an investigation.

Just weeks later, on November 13, deputies were once again summoned, this time to the 2700 block of Red Creek Road, where another victim reported the theft of a Mahindra utility tractor. The culprit had also attempted to abscond with a side-by-side ATV but was thwarted in the act.

The spree continued into December, with deputies responding to yet another distress call on December 7 in the 1200 block of Red Creek Road. This time, a John Deere skid steer had vanished, caught on home surveillance footage being whisked away by a fleet of suspicious vehicles.

As the net of law enforcement tightened, Devon Stiers emerged as a person of interest during a shots-fired incident on Landers Road. At the scene, stolen motorcycles and a purloined flatbed trailer were discovered, with Stiers implicating a certain "Gabriel" as an accomplice.

The investigation reached a critical juncture when the San Angelo Police Department received a tip-off implicating Gabriel Wilkins in the theft ring. Body camera footage captured Wilkins maneuvering a white Chevy pickup, a vehicle that would become central to the unfolding narrative.

Utilizing law enforcement resources, Wilkins’ association with the criminal enterprise became clearer, leading to his apprehension on December 18, 2023, at a Days Inn Hotel. A routine traffic stop exposed Wilkins’ complicity, as he confessed to participating in the heavy equipment heists. Subsequent searches of his vehicle uncovered not only stolen property but also illicit substances, further entangling him in the web of criminality.

The investigation unearthed a trove of evidence stored within Wilkins’ seized cellphones, revealing a web of communication implicating Trevor Allbright and Frankie Wright. Messages exchanged between the trio elucidated their involvement in the thefts and the subsequent profiteering from the sale of stolen goods.

With each revelation, the scope of the operation widened. Collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies uncovered stolen items scattered across multiple counties. Roy Nuncio’s involvement was brought to light when a stolen John Deere skid steer was traced to his possession in McCollough County, tying him to the illicit network.

However, the web of crime extended beyond mere theft. Tomas Tellez emerged as a key figure, with investigators tracing stolen heavy equipment to his roofing company premises. Tellez’s complicity was further underscored by damning cellphone conversations with Wilkins, exposing his role in the acquisition and fencing of stolen goods.

A subsequent raid on Tellez’s properties yielded a cache of stolen equipment, including a Caterpillar backhoe and a New Holland skid steer, among other high-value items. The discovery highlighted the extent of the criminal syndicate’s operations, with stolen goods meticulously altered to evade detection.

Meanwhile, Devon Stiers’ involvement took a curious turn when he confessed to harboring a stolen Harley Davidson motorcycle on his property. His admission shed light on the syndicate’s modus operandi, involving the alteration of stolen vehicles to evade identification.

As the dust settled, all seven defendants found themselves facing charges of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity. The indictment served as a testament to the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies in dismantling a sophisticated criminal network operating within the heart of San Angelo.

The investigation continues as authorities work to bring all those involved to justice, promising swift and decisive action against those who seek to profit from illicit activities.

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