Fact Over Fiction: 64% of New Covid Infections Are Among Unvaccinated San Angeloans


SAN ANGELO – While the number of Covid-19 infections in San Angelo continues to rise rapidly, some people remain resistant to getting vaccinated.  

Unfortunately, 64% on the new infections from July 2021 to January 2022 have been among unvaccinated residents.  

See the weekly infection rate chart below: 

1.7.22 Covid-19 Infection Detail Chart (Contributed/COSA)

1.7.22 Covid-19 Infection Detail Chart (Contributed/COSA)

78% of patients hospitalized are unvaccinated and the overwhelming majority of people who have died in Tom Green County were unvaccinated. 

Here is the latest on the situation from San Angelo Health Authority Dr. James Vretis on San Angelo LIVE! earlier this week.

The next report on the status of Covid infections in San Angelo will be released Monday afternoon.  

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"under 12" is in the "unvaccinated" category, since they are not vaccinated. Which brings it to 71.8% unvaccinated.

"78% of patients hospitalized are unvaccinated and the overwhelming majority of people who have died in Tom Green County were unvaccinated. "

I take no pleasure in the suffering from Covid in those who are unvaccinated.  I do, however, think them foolish and contributing to their ills through poor choices.

Since obesity along with other medical conditions caused by an unhealthy lifestyle are involved, in many cases the people suffering the most made “poor choices” prior to covid ever coming about.

Do you consider those people “foolish and contributing to their ills” as well?

I get it. WAY too complex of a thought for you leftist dipsticks to understand ;)

All you ever have is to make poor attempts at insults. You never have any rebuttal or actual counter argument. That says a lot.

You idiots..... Even 1% of the vaccinated getting sick with Covid is proof of failure that their death jabs don't work, so with 36% of the vaccinated being sick with it, even Stevie Wonder can see what a scam it is..........

Why are the majority of people who are hospitalized unvaccinated if it doesn't work?

Why are there overwhelmingly more unvaccinated people dying if it doesn't work?

There will always be breakthrough cases. But the vaccines could at least keep you from being hospitalized, and maybe even save your life.

And it is only 28% not 36%, the "under 12" category is unvaccinated also.

You can’t blame one causal factor and completely ignore others. Does the person who dies from diabetes or heart disease not bear ANY responsibility for their own condition…or is that also too complicated a concept for you to comprehend?

To the Doctor’s point…nearly 65% of Americans are considered “fully vaccinated”. So if what you leftist dipsticks have been saying all along is true, that covid is a “disease of the unvaccinated”, then it stands to reason that the numbers would be reversed ;)


Certain lifestyle issues can affect one's health.  Lack of exercise, obesity, smoking, alcohol abuse, and drug abuse are not good for you.  However, one can likely conclude that the proportion of folks with self-induced problematic lifestyle issues is about the same in the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups.  It then follows that the greater proportion of serious Covid illness in the unvaccinated population is the result of Covid.  In other words, Covid adds another element to the detriment of one's well-being.  Choosing not to be vaccinated  adds to the list of lifestyle blunders one may have committed.

Good reading:

No data about how many dying from (with?) covid have had a prior infection. I doubt very seriously that the CDC is even tracking that number because it goes against the narrative.

In fact, a Johns Hopkins study indicated that prior infection is every bit as effective against reinfection as the vaccines…maybe even more so ;)


I guess one could say, "Get sick, hope you don't get badly ill, and also hope you do well in the future."  That is nonsensical.  The smart path is to get vaccinated.  I've had Covid, and I'm smart enough to take all roads to ensure I'm not forced to deal with the disease again.  It's no damn fun, guys.

"already got covid."

Doesn't take vaccine.....Gets Covid......Hmmmm

There will always be breakthrough cases for any vaccine, the fact that data from all over the world shows it to at least prevent hospitalization and possibly death is worth it alone. Not to mention the fact that it can help protect the people around you.

So you admit that you (or any of the other anti-vaxxers) no getting it has nothing to do with the mandates?

Probably because they don’t trust the CDC or Fauci because all arbitrary from the start.

Now go play in the street the adults are having a conversation ;)


If people want to insist that their cognitive dissonance is going to protect them from a potentially fatal illness, there is absolutely nothing that they can be told that will convince them otherwise.  

"we just choose to not live in fear"

I bet you carry a gun with you don't you? I know you at least have one for home protection.

It’s not anywhere close to fatal for a lot of people, probably most people actually. You do understand that right? 

Not wearing a seatbelt is not always fatal either, but I bet you wear one every time you drive don't you?

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