City Officials Ask The Public To Help Slow The Spread


SAN ANGELO, TX –– San Angelo Health officials are asking the public's assistance to slow the spread of Omicron (COVID-19), flu, strep, RSV, and other illnesses that are currently affecting the community.

According to DSHS, more than 10,000 Texas are currently hospitalized with Covid-19. Nearly 20 percent or 2,000 are being treated in Intensive Care Units.

While Trauma Service Area K, which includes San Angelo, continues to have the lowest coronavirus-related hospitalization rate in the state the area has seen a slight bump in the last few days. On January 3rd DSHS reported 2.71 % and by January 9th the number had risen to 3.73 percent.

The City of San Angelo has released the following tips that can help make a difference in the fight in this pandemic.

  • Get vaccinated if possible.
  • Stay home if you are sick or contact a doctor if you need medical attention.
  • Wear a well-fitted mask around others.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes when masks are not available.
  • Avoid large crowds or gatherings.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Stay 6 feet away from others.

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Anti-vaxxers don't care about the real numbers, they will conveniently find some random article from some nobody that refutes those numbers or says something they like, call it "research", and say that they are being oppressed. They will also go against anything that doesn't allow them to do whatever they want, even if those actions have consequences for other people.

There is nothing anybody can do to get through to these kinds of people, unless it actually impacts those closest to them.

Like I’ve stated before, nothing has changed over the course of the virus. Vaccinate those most vulnerable, and if you’re sick or afraid of getting sick, then wear a mask socially distance or STAY HOME ;)

I find it amusing that you demo libs are saying nothing can be said or done…yet continue to flap your gums at every opportunity.

Not to the people that have already made up their minds, but there will always be some people on the fence about things that need a little bit of encouragement from facts.

Facts huh…you mean like Supreme Court Justice Sotomayer claiming there are “100,000 children in the hospital with covid many of them on ventilators”?

I never brought that up, you did.

Besides, I had never heard of this, do you have a link?

Wow, for someone who considers herself knowledgeable you sure are out of touch ;)

So no proof? Thought so.

So you are saying that someone who doesn't know everything about a subject is not knowledgeable on said subject?

Reminds me of when trump said to use bleach and light to kill covid. Ron Johnson said to use mouthwash. Or all of the times that anti-vaxxers use VAERS to claim certain things about the virus and vaccines that are untrue. Not to mention Ivermectin working, that the vaccines contain live viruses. Or all of the other crazy conspiracies that republicans spout off everyday.

Haha and that’s the person your hero the zero appointed to interpret the law and our constitution ;)

Well good thing that quote has nothing to do with the law or constitution then.

"hero the zero" huh? As I recall Obama WON his reelection, and your savior trump LOST by the largest margin in US history.

What do you mean it has nothing to do with interpreting the law Sotomayer is one of the ones ruling on the vaccine mandate!

Wow you are out of touch you aren’t you?

I can see how you could twist this to mean what you want. But getting numbers wrong doesn't have anything to do with law in this instance.

Uuuh there’s more to it than just “getting the numbers wrong”. Those are the “facts” according to a Supreme Court Justice ruling on the vax mandate. 

And all of the times trump was wrong and spread misinformation you just ignored, you only focus on this single thing because those you listen to are telling you to.

Sure, she should have had the right numbers, ~81,000 or so, but it is still a far cry from all of the misinformation that republicans spew out everyday.

Obama was right about one thing…”don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up”.

I have looked and looked and cannot find this anywhere, if you don't prove this, you are a liar.

Also, Biden has brought us back from the recession that happened under trump and by all measures used to say trumps economy was doing good Biden's economy is doing great. Record number of jobs added, stocks are up ect. Inflation, supply issues and high gas prices are happening all over the world so that isn't Biden's doing like your leaders would like you to believe.

Oh yeah Biden’s economy is doing just GREAT that’s why his approval rating is at 40% lol.

Oh, gotcha. You are right.

Probably because a certain set of people blame him for higher gas prices, inflation and supply issues when those are happening all over the world.

Side note; in the UK they are blaming all of those same issues on brexit. It's politics no matter where you are apparently.

The economy? We aren't in the recession that we were in under trump.

If you say that Biden is riding trumps economy then trump was riding Obama's. You can't have it both ways and say trump had a economy of his own doing yet Biden doesn't.

Will come crashing down inflation not “transitory” like democrats claim ;)

You, or anybody else, still has not explained how Biden is responsible for rising gas prices, inflation and supply issues that are happening all over the world. I know you badly want to blame him for it, so explain it.

The pipeline for Canada that wasn't finished yet and if it was finished would have only employed a few people (50 or so) because the jobs that were going to build it were temporary?


How can he stop a virus when you people refuse to wear a mask and get vaccinated?

Gotta love the people who wont get vaccinated or wear a mask asking why the pandemic isn't over yet.

The answer to why the pandemic isn't over yet is because of YOU, republicans and their conspiracy theories, aren't you people drinking urine now or something?

Spin what? You haven't given any context as to why you are bringing up New York all of a sudden.

Oh please. Some of the highest covid rates despite having some of the highest vaccination rates and the strictest edicts ;)

Are you saying that one of the busiest airports (LaGuardia) and travel destinations in the world (New York city) doesn't have a ton of people in and out of it everyday, and that has nothing to do with the cases there?

In fact it kind is proof in and of itself.

Here is your source for Biden fuel prices rising

It's an opinion article. But good job on at least attempting to provide evidence, but you guys say no to the opinion articles I post so I get to say no to the ones you do.

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