Houthi Rebels Film Their Daring Assault on a Civilian Cargo Ship in the Red Sea


RED SEA, MIDDLE EAST — In a brazen act of maritime aggression, Houthi rebels commandeered the cargo ship Galaxy Leader in the strategic waters of the Red Sea this Sunday, Nov. 19. The incident, chillingly reminiscent of the Iranian threats to shipping during the 1980s, has amplified concerns about the current state of U.S. resolve in dealing with such provocations.

The seizure of the Galaxy Leader, reportedly linked to an Israeli businessman, by the Iran-aligned Houthis, not only jeopardizes the safety of the 25 multinational crew members but also signals a potential escalation of regional hostilities. The Houthis have openly declared their intention to target vessels associated with Israeli interests, marking a worrying development for international maritime security.

This event draws uncomfortable parallels with the 1980s when President Ronald Reagan decisively re-flagged Kuwaiti vessels to deter Iranian intimidation in the Persian Gulf. Reagan's firm stance in Operation Earnest Will served as a testament to the strength of U.S. leadership in protecting international shipping lanes.

In stark contrast, the Galaxy Leader incident could be seen as reflecting a gap in current U.S. foreign policy resolve. Critics may argue that without a robust response, such as Reagan's re-flagging strategy, adversaries are emboldened, undermining the safety of global shipping and the principle of free navigation.

The vessel, affiliated with Japanese operator NYK Line, was void of cargo during the attack, and crew members hail from various nations, underscoring the international implications of the seizure. Japan has condemned the hijacking and, along with Israel, is engaging in negotiations for the crew's release.

Watch the assault as captured and posted on social media by Houthi propagandists:

Israeli authorities are labeling the seizure an act of Iranian-sponsored terrorism, with the Israeli military emphasizing the gravity of the situation on a global scale. Meanwhile, the Houthis' treatment of the crew, according to their "Islamic values," remains vague and concerning.

The Galaxy Leader's capture has also illuminated the complex web of international shipping, where management companies and ownership can span continents within a single vessel, complicating diplomatic responses.

U.S. defense officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the Houthi operation's details, revealing the dramatic nature of the rebels' boarding via helicopter. The incident's similarity to past Iranian actions has not gone unnoticed, with the U.S. Navy having intercepted Yemeni-launched missiles and drones just last month.

Reflecting on President Reagan's decisive approach during similar tensions underscores a critical discourse on the current leadership's strategy to counter such threats. The incident with the Galaxy Leader may well serve as a litmus test for the U.S. commitment to securing international waters and maintaining global stability in the face of rising challenges.

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