U.S. Military Finally Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon

WASHINGTON – After waiting days while the Chinese Spy Balloon crossed the entire United States accomplishing its mission of surveilling sensitive military sites from one coast to the other, the administration finally shot it down Saturday.  

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin said the President "gave his authorization" to take out the balloon "as soon as the mission could be accomplished without undue risk to American lives under the balloon's path.

"The balloon, which was being used by the [People's Republic of China] in an attempt to surveil strategic sites in the continental United States, was brought down above U.S. territorial waters," Austin said, adding that military commanders came up with options "to take down the balloon safely over our territorial waters, while closely monitoring its path and intelligence collection activities."

Austin said the takedown was coordinated with the Canadian government.

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Chiden Administration took care of it.

Meanwhile what happened to Hunters laptop/:

If biden was in bed with china, of which none of you have ever provided any proof, then he wouldnt have shot it down.

Republicans really need to realize that since gouliani had the laptop in his possession for months, any evidence would be thrown out, since its obvious it could have been tampered with.

With that being said, nobody cares about hunter biden, if he did anything wrong then he should be investigated and prosecuted. But it's just more fake outrage from the party that wants proof of young girls periods.

I trust you realize that adding facts into this soup will only serve to further befuddle the already befuddled.  Your additional posts can only serve to increase their befuddlement.

I trust you realize that adding facts into this soup will only serve to further befuddle the already befuddled.  Your additional posts can only serve to increase their befuddlement.

Now the republicansn will say something about Biuden causing unneccessary tension with china or some other made up outrage. Proving once again, that republicans are pure reactionary and will always criticize anything about American citizens they dont like, which is most Americans.

Why wait until the “spy balloon” traverses our entire country? If indeed it’s purpose was to collect critical data, that data has already been transmitted back to China.

The radio was jammed. Besides there is nothing the balloon saw that couldnt also be seen by satellites.

I know FACTS dont matter to you, its painfully obvious, but try not to make your self look dumb.

To collect the parts and study what they were attempting to do and the technology involved, same as if someone shot down an enemy plane or drone.

You really have to have everything spelled out for you dont you?

Ridiculous! First it was no threat, then it was, now it’s just a “nothingburger” since “there’s nothing the ballon saw that couldn’t also be seen by satellites”.

Just stop! It’s obvious all you are is a useful idiot for the left ;)

You only hear what you want to hear, this is getting sad. I feel for the people swept up in the cult that is the republican party. I don't really know what it will take to snap folks out of it, but I really hope you can get better.

CGM5, Sun, 02/05/2023 - 09:30

If Trump had done all the things biden has done (his border disaster, the Afghanistan disaster, China ties, his boy hunter, letting china thumb their noses at us by flying their craft over the USA for almost a week and no telling what else, how many times would Trump have been impeached already??? It's ok because biden is a democrat!

What “facts”? You mean like the claim that Trump was colluding with Russia, which come to find out it was actually Hillary lol.

Was talking about how the Steele dossier was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC ;)

"Trump was colluding with Russia"

The Mueller report proved that, in fact 37 indictments and several guilty pleas from the people in trumps inner circle also proved that.

I have not seen anything about Hillary colluding with russia, please show us all where you recieved your information, BUT If she did then charge her and prosecute her, I don't care. 

I used to think demo libs were naive, now I realize they’re just ignorant ;)

Ignorant about what? Got some sources I can educate myself with. 

Or are you all talk like usual?

You’re kidding right? You’re the one who used the Mueller report as “evidence” that Trump colluded with Russia how did that turn out btw lol.

He was impeached for it, and the republicans protected their own because they are more of a cult that a political party.

Sham impeachment charged but never convicted. Now go play in the street I’m done with you ;)

Very difficult to determine what the facts are when the “gatekeepers” (the Justice Dept., the FBI, the DOD, the press etc.) are all in the tank for democrats ;)

I get it, so when they investigate the people you like (republicans, insurrectionists, ect.) they are corrupt, BUT when they investigated Democrats they are not?

Also, the FBI has always been historically run by a republican (with a few temporary appointments that were all less than a year the exception), the current FBI director Christopher Wray is a republican appointed by trump himself. If the FBI is corrupt its because Republicans made it that way.

And I am assuming when you are talking about "the press" it's news sites that tell facts that you dont like.
BUT, give us some sources you trust and we can all take a look at what you are looking at.

More right wing domestic terrorism,


Oh please. The guy’s a socialist…as in a member of the Marxist Left ;)

Neo-nazism is a right wing idealism.

"It borrows elements from Nazi doctrine, including antisemitism, ultranationalismracismxenophobiaableismhomophobiaanti-communism, and creating a "Fourth Reich". Holocaust denial is common in neo-Nazi circles."


" The later related term "neo-Nazism" is applied to other far-right groups with similar ideas which formed after the Second World War."


You cant just make things up and have them be true. You do know that right?

Oooh Wikipedia that settles it! Gotta laugh at those who claim white supremacy (the groups main goal is societal collapse by any means necessary a marxist tenet) is “right wing” because, everyone knows there’s no racists on the left lol.

"Pentagon says it had an ‘awareness gap’ that led to failure to detect 3 Chinese balloons under Trump"


Like I alluded to before… the “gatekeepers” are not supposed to be politicized which is the case now.

For example…apparently Gen. Milley was so concerned that Trump was going to start WWIII (which is a laugh considering Biden is the one who involved us in a proxy war with Russia) that he told his equal in China that he would let him know about anything going on. In case you’re not aware that goes beyond just “collusion” that’s in fact traitorous!

There you have it, republicans dont trust the military. So much for republicans "supporting the troops", just another talking point they use to pretend that they care about America.

I don’t trust the leadership they’re corrupt/ incompetent!

The fact that you do just proves my point about you being a useful idiot for the left ;)

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