Biden Slams Texas Heartbeat Bill as 'Outrageous' & 'Unconstitutional'


WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Biden released a statement Wednesday condemning the new heartbeat bill that bans abortion in Texas after the first six weeks of conception. 

The following is a statement issued by the White House from President Joe Biden:

"Today, Texas law SB-8 went into effect. This extreme Texas law blatantly violates the constitutional right established under Roe v. Wade and upheld as precedent for nearly half a century.

"The Texas law will significantly impair women’s access to the health care they need, particularly for communities of color and individuals with low incomes. And, outrageously, it deputizes private citizens to bring lawsuits against anyone who they believe has helped another person get an abortion, which might even include family members, health care workers, front desk staff at a health care clinic, or strangers with no connection to the individual.

"My administration is deeply committed to the constitutional right established in Roe v. Wade nearly five decades ago and will protect and defend that right."

Some Texans agreed with his stance:

Others including Texas politicians and even former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence felt the opposite and commanded Texas for passing the bill.

For more info on the new law visit the following article: New Laws on Guns, Voting, Abortion, Marijuana & Street Racing Start Today

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What’s “outrageous” is the 60 million lives lost to abortion in the U.S. alone since Roe v Wade.

Right to life…our first and foremost right according to the Constitution ;)

Apparently you think it's a right for a rapist to force their victims to have their baby and sue for parental rights too. You republicans don't care about life or children. 

CGM5, Wed, 09/01/2021 - 16:14

"The Texas law will significantly impair women’s access to the health care they need, particularly for communities of color and individuals with low incomes."

It seems to me that a condom or a pill would be a hell of a lot cheaper than an abortion and what the hell does the color of somebody's skin have to do with anything???

How typical of the democrats when they don't have a good argument, PLAY THE RACE CARD!!!

It's not as if you people aren't doing the same thing,

"Interestingly it was “communities of color” which eugenicist Margaret Sanger wished to eliminate through abortion." -BLANC09

Also, condoms break and the pill isn't 100%. Besides republicans are trying to restrict access to those pills also.

Then link these facts so I can take a look, until then it's all you just spouting off.

Interestingly it was “communities of color” which eugenicist Margaret Sanger wished to eliminate through abortion.

None of you people care about "the children", the fact that you are against mask mandates in schools and support a religion that preys on children proves this. It is all about political points. Republicans are hoping this gets struck down so that they can yet again blame it on the democrats. If Abortion were to become illegal (hint: it won't) republican would loose a very major (to them) political angle. Not to mention that abortion being "outlawed" just puts more people on government assistance, which republicans hate.

Jeff L, Wed, 09/01/2021 - 18:04

You do not. We see it in your comments daily. The fact that you've even chosen a side that is totally fine with fetal murder is the only proof that's required... but no you show up daily on a website to give us even more evidence of how you truly hate the country you reside in. You should change that flag you fly to a communist one maybe China like your "potus" Joe Biden flies??

It's really telling that republicans have to lie in every conversation.

Trump literally saluted a North Korean general.

CGM5, Wed, 09/01/2021 - 19:01

You are the only consistent liar around here. Something you should know before you spout off too much, Trump saluted which is a show of respect to someone in authority. obama bowed to an Arabian King which is a show of submission.

Jeff L, Thu, 09/02/2021 - 11:29

Trump isn't the president anymore. You blaming him makes you looks really fucking stupid. Even though you don't have to try. How about you blame the current one since he actually has the power to change things??? 

"How about you blame the current one since he actually has the power to change things?"

Glad to hear that you acknowledge Biden is in charge. Usually republicans are spouting off some puppet nonsense.

Also, republicans talked nonstop about Obama after trump was elected, it's nothing new. The new president will always be compared to the previous ones.

Jeff L, Thu, 09/02/2021 - 15:16

Illiterate. I am not a republican. Nor am I a demonrat. I'll tell you again I'm Texan something you aren't

Who did you vote for in the last two elections? If you don't answer I will assume (properly) that you voted down ballot republican. Just because you call your self something else (like the faux republican "libertarians" or some other BS), most likely because you are afraid of what you really are, does not mean that you are not a republican. You most certainly fall in line with the republican side and side with them on every major issue.

Jeff L, Fri, 09/03/2021 - 13:42

Assume out loud to yourself. You make an ass out of yourself . Good job

CGM5, Thu, 09/02/2021 - 18:08

He didn't bow dumb dumb. He ducked down only enough to receive the medal the King awarded him.

You can't even tell the truth when a video shows the truth for the world to see.

So when Obama does something it's one thing, but when Trump does the same thing it's something else? You people are hypocrites to the max.

By the way, this anti-women law makes NO exceptions for incest or rape. If a child (or any other woman) is raped they will be forced to have their rapists baby. In Texas, rapists (or their immediate family members) can be granted parental rights. Let that sink in. Republicans allow your child to be raped and will force them to have the baby that may have happened because of that rape. Then the rapist could sue your child for parental rights and win, forcing your child to face their rapist during custody exchanges. This is the world republicans want, allow and are praising.

Cant force a 12 year old to wear a mask, apparently that's unconstitutional. Instead, let's force them to have a baby. 

Hilarious that now the leftnut jobs are all of sudden concerned with the constitution(:

So much fun reading these leftnut jobs heads exploding in the comments(: 

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