Biden Begins Rollout of Covid Vaccine Mandates for Working Americans


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Biden Administration is expected to announce Thursday that it will begin making Covid vaccines mandatory for a majority of American workers. 

Multiple White House reporters confirmed that Biden is expected to sign an executive order on Sept. 9 mandating vaccines for government employees. Another order is expected to force companies with over 100 employees to get vaccinated or test weekly. 

If companies do not comply with the Biden administrations mandate then these companies will be punished, according to this white house correspondent.

Prior to Biden taking office, when he had the "Office of the President Elect," he told reporters that he would never mandate vaccines or masks. This quote has been brought up by a number of critics who are questioning the mandate.

A study by the Wall Street Journal in 2017 states that over 60 percent of the American workforce work at businesses with over 100 employees. This means that those 60 percent of working Americans will be forced to be either vaccinated or tested weekly.

Biden is expected to give remarks on the executive order later today.

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Weren't you people the ones wanting a voter ID? Saying you have to show ID to buy groceries and do most other things anyway? Now once again you flip flop on something else.

One protects our right to vote the other is an affront on our liberty I’ll let you figure out which is which ;)

You don't have to get vaccinated. You having a job is not a right. Stay home, that simple. Your body, your choice remember?

This is nothing new, vaccines have been mandated since Washington. It's about the safety of the country as a whole (and national security), not you or any single person. Get over your self.

Never mind. In order for you to understand basic tenets like freedom and liberty you would first have to possess an IQ higher than that of a kumquat ;)

Having a job is not a right you have. You can CHOOSE to not take the vaccine. How has your "freedom and liberty" been taken away from you if you can CHOOSE not to take the vaccine and just stay home? You (and republicans as a whole) are just making this a bigger issue than it is. Just take the vaccine, if not stay home and knit or something.

Wow you really are a Bolshevik otherwise why would you support outright censorship?

Apparently liberals are for freedom of speech, but only when it fits their narrative ;)

Nope, I don't support censorship. But a private company deciding what is and isn't allowed on something they own or produce is something you people fought for with the gay wedding cake thing a few years back. It is that company exercising its free speech.

Also, misinformation and propaganda that could potentially get someone hurt or killed is the same as "fire" in a theater, it is not protected under freedom of speech if it can or will cause harm.

Misinformation according to whom? Guessing even someone like you can understand how arbitrary that is! The problem is big tech companies use section 230 to censor conservative points of view…which automatically makes them “publishers” and therefore not worthy of said protections.

It’s censorship plain and simple. I guarantee if the shoe was on the other foot you wouldn’t like it either…

"Misinformation according to whom?"

Yes, this is a very good point. The issue is that certain people are saying the opposite of what experts in their fields are saying. The proper information has to come from somewhere, and certain propaganda doesn't even attack the information, it directly attacks the people that are giving the information (Fauci is an excellent example.) To be a bit more close to home, I always at least attempt to prove my position with evidence, you people attack the website usually, not the information itself, without ever providing any counter evidence/proof. I trust the experts in fields they have been in for decades, not everyone can get everything right 100% of the time sure, but that doesn't mean we should dismiss them altogether, I'm sure Einstein and Hawking got things wrong every once in a while too. The people I most definitely won't trust are the people who do a few internet searches for the "information" that reaffirms their biases, call it "research" and spread it on Facebook or twitter, that is most certainly misinformation.

You say that tech companies censor "conservative views", which I would say that is because most of your people's views are based on misinformation. But as an experiment, show me where a conservative was "censored" where that view was inside accepted science and law, and I will take a look. I bet everything that has been censored that you can find was because it was based on misinformation, non verifiable information or outside of precedent in law.

Oh please! No better example than the 1in 6 Biden voters who claimed they would have changed their vote had they known about at least ONE of the eight stories that were suppressed by big tech and mainstream media outlets prior to the election ;)

See, you just proved my point without even knowing it. You provide no proof or evidence of your assertions or position. Next you are going to tell me to look it up myself, although you are the one making the assertion so you have to back yourself up.

This is a perfect example of how misinformation spreads like wildfire through groups that want to believe things that reaffirm their already misinformed positions and biases. Like Jeff L was so sure that Obama was president during 9/11, he picked it up from someone spreading misinformation and ran with it because it fit his preconceived hatred for anything democrat, if I wouldn't have called him out and he deleted his posts I'm am positive somebody else would have spread it further. Now take that example and change it to vaccines and Facebook and now you have millions of people who believe things that are completely untrue, but continue to spread because it fits with what they want to be real. This is primarily a right wing/conservative phenomenon. 

Also, your "example" isn't even a conservative being "censored" on a media platform inline with what we were talking about. What you are talking about is more of news sources choosing what stories to air, which they may not do if the information is false or inaccurate, again, going back to my original point.

Told you. If you want to know why conservatives get banned and kicked off of platforms it's for exactly what you are doing right now, misinformation and propaganda with nothing to back it up with.

You have proven my point twice in a row now.

Since you won't prove your position it is just safe to assume that you are making things up since you never provide any evidence for what you say.

Right! But you brainwashed leftist ideologues believe everything out of Anthony Fauci’s mouth although his “expert” advice on covid has been all over the place! Not surprising considering he’s neck deep in the gain of function research which brought us this virus in the first place ;)

See, you prove my point for the third time in a row. You attack the person, not the information itself, yet you fail to provide any proof or evidence of your own. You are doing exactly what I said you would, you are following your republican leaders disinformation and propaganda system perfectly.

You really don’t have a clue do you? Anthony Fauci is a bureaucrat and a self-admitted “humanist”, who has told a series of lies throughout this whole ordeal for the purpose of manipulating the behavior of the American people. And no matter how “noble” you consider those lies to be, they are still “misinformation” and should be treated as such by the media. Instead, what they’ve done is portray him as some sort of “god” and censor all opposing views ;)

There are millions of other doctors all over the world who say take the vaccine and wear a mask. What specific "lies" has he told? Are you referring to the changes to recommendations that were at the beginning when nobody knew this virus yet? Please be specific and provide evidence/proof of what you say.

Also not a “private company” per se since they are in fact protected against liability by the federal government ;)

Freedom of speech, especially when it comes to political points of view, is NOT an arbitrary thing. It’s an individual right…if it exists for one it exists for all!

Going back to my original point…democrats are nothing but a bunch of freaking Bolsheviks ;)

Mandates aren't laws and Biden is a President not a dictator. This is a free country not a communist socialist republic.

But Biden said his patience is running thin…which would explain him checking his watch while the caskets of the soldiers killed by the suicide bombing in Afghanistan were being unloaded ;)

Exactly, you get it. A mandate is NOT a law, you do not have to get vaccinated, it is YOUR CHOICE. If those choices have consequences that are unfavorable to you then that is just part of being an adult and making tough choices. Having a job is not a right, if your job fires you because they got a fine for you not being vaccinated then that is their choice as well. You can choose to not get vaccinated and stay home.

For now this is just the beginning. If democrats don’t get their asses handed to them in the midterms we’re done…even they know it which is why they want to do away with the filibuster and add additional justices to the Supreme Court ;)

With all of the voter suppression bills and partisan gerrymandering, not to mention their rigorous misinformation campaigns and outright lies they tell, I would be surprised if republicans don't win one of either the house or senate. It's really telling that republicans have to cheat to win though, they don't believe in democracy, they only believe in power.

Also, republicans already stacked the court by blocking Obamas federal picks and his Supreme Court pick by saying it was an election year, yet trump got obamas pick and another one during an election year. You people do not care about the rules. I wonder what you are going to say when republicans decide to end the filibuster when the are back in power.

A very badly cropped photo of an email from one person claiming something without any evidence is not proof of anything. I can make something like that in twenty seconds that says anything I want it to. Even if true, he could be playing you people and have already voted himself and is making it look like somebody else did, so he can further misinformation and get republicans in another temper tantrum about losing again.

But this is now the play isn't it. I (and many others) have already predicted this, republicans new playbook on elections is to scream fraud every time they loose, of course if they win it was all legitimate though. This time they are doing it before they even know the results. Republicans don't care about democracy, they care about power and "winning."

Anyone who would take that original post at face value is a moron.  Of course, there are many of those in this country.  Trump's election proved that.

Classic liberal projection…accuse the other side of doing that which they themselves are guilty of ;)

And you’re a liar. What democrats want to do is increase the number of justices from nine to thirteen…which is really STUPID when you think about it because the other side could (and no doubt would) do the exact same thing once they’re in control ;)




I'm not lying, Republicans blocked Obama for his supreme court pick and their excuse was that it was an election year (280+ days away from an election), and trump got the pick. But when RBG died they pushed through Amy Coney Barret only 8 days away from an election, they actually had to rush it to make sure they made it before the election took place. If democrats had done this you people would be up in arms on the white house lawn, but since it's your party it's ok.

Mitch McConnell warrants a special place in hell for his totally blocking Merrick Garland's nomination for the Supreme Court.  His not even allowing a hearing for a fully qualified person fully demonstrates what a vile, evil creature he is.  The Amy Barrett thing later serves only to illuminate the right's wish to stack the court with ideological drones as opposed to people more constitutionally aligned.

95% vaccination rate and yet

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