Fiery Darby Joins Effort to Stop Biden's Unprecedented Vaccine Mandate


SAN ANGELO – Representative Drew Darby joined Texans for Responsible Government (TRG) in an amicus brief to the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit Court objecting to the Biden Administration’s overreaching and unprecedented vaccine mandate. The mandate that would affect 84 million workers was developed and is being enforced by the United States Department of Labor, Occupational Safety, and Health Administration (OSHA). The amicus brief filed by TRG and Republican members of the Texas House of Representatives challenges the constitutionality of the mandate and calls for it to be overturned.

The vaccine mandate issued by OSHA would compel private businesses with 100 employees or more to require all employees to be vaccinated by January 4, 2022, or face weekly COVID-19 testing. More than half the states, including Texas, have filed lawsuits challenging President Biden’s vaccine mandate. These states are joined by pro-business, educational, manufacturing, faith, labor, staffing, and medical interests and advocates challenging the order.

“This unconstitutional order by the Biden Administration isn’t about science or vaccines, it’s about mandates and government overreach,” said Representative Darby. “Individuals have the freedom to make this medical decision for themselves and their families, and they don’t need the government telling them what to do. I am proud to help lead this effort against the reckless policies of the Biden Administration and defend the individual liberties of all Texans,” Representative Darby said.

“The cases now pending with the federal court of appeals are the ballgame,” said Chris Britton, executive director of Texans for Responsible Government. “TRG, along with Representative Darby, stands solidly with the numerous businesses, teacher groups, states, and nonprofits fighting this federal overreach and assault on individual liberty.”

Last month, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans issued a ruling for a stay on the OSHA mandate. With heightened legal advocacy in Texas and other U.S. states, TRG and Texas House Leadership hope to see the mandate overturned permanently.

Drew is a small business owner, with offices throughout West Texas. He and his wife, Clarisa, have five children and nine grandchildren. They are members of the First Presbyterian Church of San Angelo

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Why don't you republicans stop hiding behind the "freedom" excuse and just admit you refuse to get vaccinated because you hate your fellow Americans? We all already know it, just admit it so you can at least have some dignity and you can stop lying to yourselves.

You've already been through so many excuses ("not fda approved", now it is, "it's experimental", now its proven by billions of doses) it's time to be honest with everybody that you could care less about other Americans and you only care about yourselves. Republicans are selfish and their vaccine refusal is just the latest proof of that.

Also, "unprecedented" is just more republican propaganda, George Washington ordered his troops vaccinated. Vaccine mandates go back to before America was even a country.

I do not believe those Republicans who refuse to get vaccinated hate their fellow Americans.  I do believe they are profoundly gullible and have been horribly deluded by purveyors of bilge, balderdash, and pure bullshit. They are not being smart.

Hi, I'm a leftist with a third position.

It's not at all that they hate their fellow Americans. Hardly anybody is actually "evil". Even evildoers in ages past believed they were doing the right thing. By stating that they simply must hate their fellow Americans, you're strawmanning their position and doing far more harm than good. You don't convince people by being rude towards them.

This is not to say I'm rushing to defend the conservatives and republicans either. Right to make your own consensual medical choice is a thing, I can't in good faith argue for a mandate. Ideally, we'd have no need for a vaccine mandate to begin with. Education is clearly the first step, then.

My position: We should socially encourage vaccines, we should speak out against anti-vaxxers, but no vaccine mandate should be on the table immediately as it would infringe upon the rights of others to make that choice. That is NOT to say we should tolerate immediate danger to others. Not being able to fly because you didn't get a vaccine is not an infringement upon your rights, as the alternative would be allowing you to infringe upon the rights of others by presenting that danger to the public at large.

Your rights are only applicable where they don't present danger to others. You have the right to carry a match, but you don't have the right to carry it into a firework factory.

It is a complex and multifaceted issue. We should really treat it as such. It's not us vs them, we're all in this together.

Getting the Vacc shots doesn’t stop you from contracting COVID, nor does it stop someone from giving it to others! Look up the definition of Vaccine! Just because politicians have changed the def on the CDC site doesn’t make it a Vaccine, it has some benefits but it is not a Vac! 

 What does being a Dem or a Rep have to do with it? I am a American and couldn’t care less what party someone is claiming to be a part of! Especially to justify my personal opinion or thoughts!! Sick and tired of people hiding behind political, racist and all the other cop out excuses being used over the last 2-6 yrs or so now!! Your responsible for your own actions and words!!  Your comments are the most selfish, self centered all about you and a political party’s bs beliefs and twisted words to create more hatred, racist beliefs and division! 

Your always spewing about hate.  

You are the one bound up with hate against your fellow Americans and you exemplify the hate that the Democratic party has lowered their standards to over the past +20 years.

Now be sure to post another stupid link that no one is going read.

Everyone knows what you are and what you are doing on here.  


I don't agree with everything the democrats have done either. But at least they didn't try to take over the government when they lost an election.

You say the democratic party has lowered their standards, yet you provide no examples.

So you still have nothing? Figures. Like I said I give you people plenty of opportunities to prove your positions and you never do. There is a reason for this, you only spout off republican propaganda, and since you have been indoctrinated into the republican cult you are led to believe they are good and everyone else is bad, no matter what anyone says or any evidence that proves other wise.

Why should anyone care about providing “proof” for someone who’s obviously mentally unstable. It would do nothing

See you just keep proving me right. 

Poor attempts at insults and no proof or evidence of your position, it's like you don't even care if you are telling the truth or not, because if you believe it, and enough republicans say it, it's true no matter what.

I give you every opportunity to prove or provide evidence of your position, yet you never do. 

Political affiliation has what to do with any of this!

First and foremost! Look up the definition of VACCINE.

Secondly I have family members and people I’ve known my entire life that have gotten the shots. Many of them contracted Covid-19 since then. 3 of which is 1 brother and his wife and also another sister in law.. She contracted it first and a week later he tested positive for it.. I also have 42 individuals that had problems when they got the shot, 9 of them are now taking blood thinners and other issues afterwards! So knock off the attacks towards people choosing not taking the shots. Getting the shot doesn’t stop you or anyone from getting it and it doesn’t stop someone from giving it to others! Fact! First hand proof! People yard sick and tired of a certain wanta be know it all on here that keeps up the personal attacks on and his politicizing everything! Just because someone has a different opinion from him! 

Drew is about as "fiery" as a bowl of hospital Jell-O.  He's not a bad guy, though, and most of the time displays some intelligence... just not this time.  Vaccine mandates would not be an issue were more people recognizing the responsibility to get vaccinated instead of exercising the freedom to act stupidly.

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