August Pfluger: House Wins Big Victory with Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act


SAN ANGELO, TX – The new Republican Majority is making our priorities clear. In this week alone, we voted to pass two strong pro-life initiatives: a resolution condemning recent attacks on pro-life facilities, groups, and churches, as well as the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act. As a father, uncle, and unapologetically pro-life American, I firmly believe nothing is more important than protecting the most vulnerable among us — the unborn.

Radical anti-life activists have increased their verbal and physical attacks on pro-life facilities, groups, and faith-based organizations nationwide following the leak of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization. They have defaced, vandalized, firebombed, and smashed the windows of crisis pregnancy centers set up to provide life-saving care. They set churches on fire, and threatened women seeking help with messages like “If abortions aren’t safe, neither are you”.

Unfortunately, the Biden Administration has failed to take action against the radical attacks and protect the rights of these organizations and women.

In contrast, Republicans are united in condemning these heinous attacks. We passed legislation in the first week of our new majority affirming the sanctity of life and the critical role that pro-life facilities, groups, and churches play in supporting families, and directing law enforcement authorities to protect the rights of these organizations and individuals. 

We also passed the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act—legislation that Speaker Pelosi refused to bring up for a vote for the four years she controlled the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill is simple: it states that any infant born alive after an abortion must be provided with the same standard of care that would be given to any newborn baby.

Leaving a baby who was born alive during an abortion is not a partisan issue, it is infanticide — and this bill will finally institute penalties for abortionists who intentionally kill a newborn abortion survivor or allow the baby to die on the operating table. 

Every child should have the right to life. Republicans are standing up against the radical anti-life activists whose outrage and destruction is increasing nationwide. I will continue working to protect the dignity of life. Please let me know your thoughts by sending me an email at or calling my Washington, D.C. office at 202-225-3605.

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Good to see house republicans LARPING just passing whatever nonsense they want knowing it has no chance to be seen by the senate or the president.  Great for getting donations from rubes pretty useless otherwise. 

You know you’re probably right. No way demo-libs are going to support something as “radical” as the Born Alive Survivors Protection Act!

Seriously…get some help.


There in lies the gotcha.  Reading your comments I don’t know if you would know, daddy’s quarterback absolutely knows, this isn’t an issue that actually happens. It’s gotcha politics democrats are kings of it with racial and election law stuff.  You pass a law that helps a nonexistent issue that the other side would seem insane to vote against, the other side can’t vote for it because it makes it seems like you a problem was solved even though the problem never actually existed. 

Not true live births due to botched abortions do occur…according to Dr. Willard Cates former director of abortion surveillance for the CDC, an estimated 400-500 times per year ;)

I guess I miss read the bill I didn’t realize they used data from a dr who has both retired and died years ago to stop botched abortions.  I thought the bill was about care for the child after it was born.   The first issue while way way down since your googled stat will always be at least a possibility the second is the non issue we were taking about before you took the turn 

It’s not a “non-issue”. Live births due to botched abortions do occur they’re just not reported.

Pro abortion people say the exact same thing about late term abortions… “well there’s not that many of them so it doesn’t matter”.

Don’t worry demo libs. Because of the SC decision returning the issue to the states, there will be plenty of states where abortion on demand right up until the time of birth is allowed ;)

Man it’s been awhile I forgot about your amazing ability to stick to your talking points even if it has nothing to do with the point being made. “Botched” abortions are absolutely reported and you can absolutely find that number.  Again this bill does nothing to rectify that.  

Again not true. The CDC even admits that their “estimates” are likely low ;)

Apparently abortion on demand all the way up until the time of birth isn’t sufficient enough to satisfy the democrats’ bloodlust ;)

My guess is Planned Parenthood makes more money when the body parts they’re selling are more fully developed.

Man the demo libs are coming out of the woodwork lately…just like cockroaches lol.

Democrats even argued that providing life saving care to those “born alive” due to botched abortions might endanger the life of the child…a ridiculous claim considering, without such care, the child would surely die.

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