CNN: Discovery of Biden's Secret Classified Documents "Worst Political Crisis of His Presidency"


WASHINGTON D.C. – Democratic President Joe Biden is facing the worst political crisis of his Presidency with the discovery of two batches of classified documents according to liberal leaning network CNN Friday.  

"Biden was doomed to face a political furor the moment his lawyers found the first secret vice presidential file in his former Washington office last fall. But by swiftly cooperating with the National Archives, his legal team may have spared him criminal exposure from the discovery – like that potentially facing ex-President Donald Trump over his document haul in Florida." wrote the network in an analysis Friday morning.

"Not only did this make it look like Biden had something to hide, it set up the kind of drip, drip of disclosures guaranteed to supercharge a Washington scandal. And Biden’s bid Thursday to minimize the discovery of secret material in his garage – by saying it was locked to protect his beloved Corvette – didn’t exactly back up his earlier claim that Americans know he takes classified documents seriously."

"On Tuesday, Biden’s attempt to show he was serious about the southern border crisis was overwhelmed when the documents flap followed him to Mexico. Two days later, his attempt to take credit for a slowdown in inflation – the economic crisis that bedeviled the White House last year – degenerated into a back-and-forth over the documents issue."

"The result is that the White House has offered a huge opening for a new Republican House majority feverishly committed to proving its own conspiracy theories that a liberal deep state has politicized justice to attack Trump and to cover up wrongdoing by Democratic presidents. And it has also made the prospect of any future prosecution of Trump over his Mar-a-Lago document stash, which may pose his greatest risk of criminal charges, even more politically explosive." the article went on.   

Kevin McCarthy, the new Republican speaker of the House, laid out what could be an effective case – at least for conservatives voters on Thursday.

“Here’s an individual that said on ’60 Minutes’ that was so concerned about President Trump’s documents. … And now, we find… just as a vice president, keeping it for years out in the open in different locations,” McCarthy said.

Biden's hiding of classified documents in his possession shows his Washington-insider elitism; he knows what the law is and he condemns this same action in others, but the law doesn't apply to him.  And he doesn't care of the American people know he's breaking the law.  That's what you get when you elect a career politician who has been successful in Washington for 50 years.  

There is no greater threat to this Republic that elected officials at any level who believe they are above the law. 

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I'm glad we all agree that both Trump and Biden should be investigated and prosecuted for mishandling classified information.

Karl Rove, who in the past has provided me with many reasons to dislike him, has summarized this situation quite nicely and accurately:  The Mar-A-lago debacle is infinitely worse than the tempest in a teapot thing surrounding Biden regardless of what the Trumpoons (that word describes Trump toadies/buffoons, by the way) say as they screech and holler in an attempt to support their Cultmaster.

Let appropriate punishment be adminstered!  Give Biden a slap on the wrist for at worst having some sloppy people around him and showing poor judgment regarding the public release of information associated with the matter, and put Trump in prison for massively ignoring the rules about the handling of the stuff he stole, lying about it, obstructing justice in the investigation of and returning it to its proper guardians, and claiming powers of declassification that exist only in his diseased mind.

Then justice will be done.  Then we can get onto the other sins that vile creature has committed.

CGM5, Fri, 01/13/2023 - 17:18

How is it you can convict and condemn Trump then excuse biden and even hillary for doing the same thing except biden has done it multiple times and hillary destroyed all the evidence when she was tipped off that they were coming for her files?

Bilge.  Trump's guilt is out there, indisputable, clearly proveable.  What you speak of is at best arguable and downright dubious.  The old "whatabout" stuff really gets old since so much of it is based on fluff.

CGM5, Fri, 01/13/2023 - 17:43

Please explain to me what Trump has been proven guilty of that biden and hillary are so innocent of. I understand you believe he is a vile soulless bastard. You have stated so many times but those are just your feelings and not proof of anything.

Haha “Trump’s the DEVIL”…Biden just a victim of “sloppy people around him”.

Just stop. Even the director of the FBI at the time (James Comey lol) admitted that Hillary mishandled classified documents!

If we wargame this out, one of the courses of action would be removing Biden from office, which I think a lot of us would be onboard with, which puts Kamala Harris in the oval office lol

Hilarious…after Biden publicly chided Trump for being “irresponsible”.

Equally hilarious is the claim that the Biden administration acted “swiftly”, when the discovery of classified documents happened last fall right around the the time of the FBI’s raid on Trump’s home…pretty “convenient” in my opinion ;)

I do disagree that the discovery of the classified documents is “the worst political crisis” of Biden’s presidency. I believe that to be his blatant (mis)handling of our southern border an obvious impeachable act!


Ha Ha. All you libturds that voted for this evil regieme all of a sudden changing your tone.


When they oust ol joe then we will have a real whore that you voted in running our country.

I'm glad you folks have banded together in the face of the slow, but persistent, ongoing invasion from Mexico which will be overturning so much of the traditional order as the United States continues to falter militarily, economically, and of course morally, which is increasingly manifesting as widespread corruption and abuse of power.

I think that when the many rivals of the United States begin paying the cartel paramilitary groups (and US organizations, of course, both legal and criminal,) to sow chaos that many here will be prepared for the tumultuous times that lie ahead as global dominance shifts away from the US.

Something of the old Anglo-America may yet survive.

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