Darby Votes to Impeach AG Ken Paxton

AUSTIN, TX — State Rep. Drew Darby (R-72) was among the 121 state representatives who voted “yea” to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton. Voting against the impeachment were 23 nays. Two representatives voted “present.”

Below is a statement from Rep. Drew Darby regarding the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton:

After listening to the thorough debate in the Texas House this afternoon and reviewing the comprehensive investigative materials provided by the House Committee on General Investigating, I cast my vote in favor of impeaching Attorney General Ken Paxton. This decision was not made lightly, as I support many of General Paxton's efforts to curb federal overreach. However, I firmly believe that the decision the House made embodies the principles of the people of House District 72 and the State of Texas, and the values we expect from our elected officials.

The Texas Supreme Court has made it clear that the primary purpose of impeachment is to protect the state, rather than punish the offender. In an impeachment proceeding, it is the duty of the House of Representatives to determine whether sufficient evidence warrants further legal proceedings in the Texas Senate. I am confident that the evidence presented today in the House justifies impeachment.

The evidence is explicit and undisputed that Attorney General Paxton blatantly and continually abused his office and power for personal gain. Time and time again, General Paxton put his own interests above that of Texans. His actions are an unequivocal breach of public trust in the Office of the Attorney General. As legislators, it is our responsibility to ensure that such actions from the chief law enforcement officer in Texas are neither tolerated nor defended.

The investigation by the House Committee on General Investigating began in March of this year when Attorney General Paxton asked the Texas Legislature to allocate $3.3 million of your taxpayer dollars to pay a wrongful termination settlement with several whistleblowers from his office. The lack of supporting documentation and his unwillingness to explain the necessity for this demand raised serious questions about his motives, prompting the General Investigating Committee to delve deeper into the matter.

What the General Investigating Committee uncovered was deeply concerning—evidence of disregard of official duty, misapplication of public resources, bribery, obstruction of justice, and dereliction of duty, among other serious allegations. These grave charges cannot be ignored. Hence, today, the full House was presented with 20 Articles of Impeachment. The evidence is compelling and demands further review by the Texas Senate where General Paxton will be afforded the opportunity to defend himself. To date, General Paxton has not denied any of the allegations.

Let me be clear: This is not about personality or political disagreement. The foundation of our great state is built upon the rule of law, where no one, not even the highest law enforcement officer, is above it. Based on the information presented, I support the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton and the subsequent full trial by the Senate.

Our commitment to justice and the preservation of our democratic values compels us to hold our elected officials accountable. By taking a stand against abuse of power, we can restore the trust that Texans place in their government. Together, let us ensure that the Office of the Attorney General and every elected official upholds the highest standards of integrity and serves the best interests of all Texans.

Paxton’s impeachment stems from a request from his Office of the Attorney General to have the Texas House pay a $3.3 million judgement against him for firing four whistleblowers who accused the attorney general of misconduct. The House Investigating Committee took up an in-depth investigation of Paxton in March that set the ball rolling towards today’s historic impeachment vote.

Darby is aligned with the House leadership under Speaker Date Phelan. The Republican leadership in the House voted to impeach. Those for impeachment included 60 Republicans and all Democrats. Of the 23 nays, all were Republicans.

The Investigating Committee presented the evidence of their months’ long investigation. In all, the presentation was damning. The presentation included allegations of misconduct that included bribery and abuse of office.

Opponents of the impeachment argued the evidence was hearsay and much of the information was given to the committee by testimony not under oath. There was also an argument that the short timeframe of the impeachment was a rush to judgement. Also, many complained that Paxton himself did not testify in front of the committee.

Proponents of impeachment countered that the House impeachment proceedings were akin to a grand jury where the standards of evidence are less than the standards would be in a jury trial. The impeachment, which heads to the Texas Senate for trial, affords the accused to defend himself, to include offer his testimony, and for evidence to be presented by both sides.

Paxton was removed from office following the vote of the Texas House. Governor Greg Abbott is required to appoint a temporary replacement through the trial.

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Naturally our RINO State Rep. Drew Darby would vote to impeach our duly elected, conservative Attorney General. And naturally the liberals on this site praise Darby’s action. We need to find a representative who is actually a conservative and not a toady for the teachers union. Time for a change. 

Since RINO Drew is so concerned with the principles and values that embody the folks of House District 72, I assume Drew will now support impeaching his RINO buddy, Speaker Dade Phelan, after the speaker showed-up slobbering, shit-faced, drunk, this week, on the house floor. Oh wait!  Never mind, RINO Drew is one of Speaker Phelan’s chief lackeys. So much for principles and values. 

I live in Texas but don’t follow state politics a ton. I didn’t know much about this until the last 3 days.  Do you find it all all weird that not one person Joe Hyde, Slantis Green, Ted Cruze, Donald trump have come out and said Paxton didn’t do the things he’s accused of?  It’s like everyone is mad at the way justice was obtained, no one believes he’s innocent. 

Deflection, but that’s cool. I’m talking about the things this man has been accused of.  He’s guilty as sin and the entire legislature knows it. Both sides should be in favor of this 

You're writing to West Texans about a state representative being slobbering, shit-faced drunk on the job? Why not just try to provoke moral indignation from the Catholics in Ireland over that exact same issue.

Although others were in attendance in the session in which Phelan is accused by Paxton of being highly loaded it seems few, if any, others made note of the behavior as described.  If the Bard will forgive me, methinks the lady (Paxton) doth protest far too much.

Further, I opine that the term RINO should be altered to RWAFB... Republican With A Functioning Brain.  The MAGA types certainly lack that rather desirable quality and exhibit that mental deficit every time they speak.

Have you seen the video, I’d never heard the man’s name prior to the video. He was either drunk or having a medical issue

I have come to understand that heaven no longer wishes for America to be great. The East will become great. We will continue to degrade and decline. We lack the necessary virtue, the moral and ethical hygiene, to become great.

Other nations will push humanity forward, not the US. The best Donald Trump can do for the US is to help people come to terms with that reality with dignity at the cost of convenience... But of course, too many are willing to be placated by enemies foreign and domestic with easy answers and mounting debts...

Welcome to Latin America, btw. 🙏 

That's not saying much. You ever heard Joe Bidumb talk? Or try to anyways.... he literally doesn't have a brain at all.

When I have a disagreement with someone on this site, the guy on the lower right of the picture is what I imagine the person probably looks like.

"I don't have to be right, you just have to be wrong..."

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