Odessa Native Makes Custom Knife for Donald J. Trump


ODESSA, TX – The former president of the United States received a very special gift from a West Texas native.

According to local media outlets, Jason Tippy was commissioned to make a custom knife for Donald J. Trump.

The Permian High School graduate and alumnus of UTPB lives in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, and is the owner of a custom knife store called Tippy Customs.

Tippy was approached by Congressman Clay Higgins of Louisiana to make a custom handcrafted knife for Trump.

On Tuesday, Congressman Higgins visited Mar-A-Lago and presented President Trump with the custom knife.

"It’s been hard not to say anything, but here it is. What an honor & privilege this project has been, and seriously, THE COOLEST thing I’ve ever done! Thank you Congressman Captain Clay Higgins & Caleb Morse for allowing me to be apart," Tippy shared on Facebook.

Congressman Higgins & Donald J. Trump

Congressman Higgins & Donald J. Trump | Courtesy of Tippy Customs

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CGM5, Thu, 04/01/2021 - 16:24

We have had some amazing men for Presidents so calling him the greatest..... However, I have voted in 9 or 10 presidential elections and he may very well be the best I've ever seen. He is many levels better than what we have now. 

And another witless wonder emerges.  You bought into Sidney Powell's self-admittedly pure nonsense, right?  It shows.

Seriously, It is all a herd mentality with the terrorist republicans. We know as a fact that trump was one of the worst (Buchanan will probably remain the worst ever because he failed to prevent the civil war) because he is the only president who actively tried to take over the government and have himself installed as dictator.

And before you say it was BLM or ANTIFA (or whatever you are delusional about) Trump himself says the insurrectionists there were his own people,


And the insurrectionists themselves say they were there on trump's orders,


THAT ALONE is how you know he was one of the worst presidents ever (not to mention all of the other things he has done.) Just imagine for a minute how the republicans would react if it was reversed and a democrat was the one to try to install himself as a dictator, they would be up in arms on the white house lawn. But a republican does it and they call him one of the greats for it. The terrorist republican party really is a cult lead by trump and his sycophants.


History will depict Trump as a hideous, malodorous stain on the fabric of America. Those who so mindlessly worship that wretched creature are staggeringly mentally inept.

I think shrub was worse. Or at least a tie. He had professional politicians, where trump had Jerrod and his own insane brain. shrub gave us wars, torture, bankrupted the country, you know, heavy (lethal) stuff. But trump is simply an idiot. More worried about his hair and clown make-up than 500, 000 dead from covid. Lost the presidency. house, senate. Instigated and supported a " very special" coup attempt, that was treason. But 9/11 is the deal-breaker. Shrub will always be number one. So the dumb don is pure #2.

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