A Family Affair: Texas Family Arrested After Storming U.S. Capitol


BORGER, TX -- A Texas family is facing federal charges after the FBI alleged six members of the family entered the U.S. Capitol during the January 6th Insurrection.

According to the complaint, Kristi, Thomas, Dawn, Joshua, and Kayli Munn were all in Washington D.C. the day the building was stormed. An unidentified minor was also with the group at the time.

According to the FBI, the agency received a tip that the Munn family had traveled from Borger, TX to attend the Trump rally scheduled for that day. The tipster was described as someone who was related to Kristi's fiance and had met her during the 2020 holiday season. 

The tipster provided the FBI with two screenshots of Kristi Munn's Facebook posts and six of her Snapchats. One of the Facebook posts showed the six members of the family with the caption: "Washington D.C. here we come. #StopTheSteal #TrumpIsMyPresident"

Kristi had also tagged all the members of her family visible in the picture.

The second picture showed Kristi at Washington D.C. with a Keep America Great Flag draped across her shoulders. The caption on the picture was: "January 6th, 2021 | God Bless The USA"

The Snapchat screenshots showed a variety of scenes, including rioters on the Capitol steps, climbing the rafters, and entering the building.

When the FBI attempted to review Kristi's Facebook account they realized it was no longer accessible. Agents then reviewed accounts from other family members that indicated the family had visited D.C.

The complaint included multiple pictures posted by Tom Munn indicating he was planning to attend the January 6th rally.

FBI agents also used Kelsi Munn's social media posts to confirm the Munn family was part of the insurrection. According to the agency, Kelsi did not travel to D.C. with the rest of the Munn family but did posts pictures showing them at the scene.

One of the pictures showed the family in D.C. with a caption that read in part: "These women stormed OUR capital and demanded OUR House and Country back!!!! They did not brake [sic] burn threaten swear push touch or hurt another American there today but they damn sure made their voice hear [sic]!!!”

In the complaint, the FBI agent described the phone conversation he had with Kristi Munn after authorities identified her in pictures and videos.

"[Kristi] admitted to going to the U.S. Capitol to see President Trump speak and to express her First Amendment rights to object to the electoral college results, but denied going inside the Capitol or participating in any violence, vandalism, or any other criminal activity at the Capitol," the complaint stated.

In reviewing security footage, agents were able to identify the Munn family entering the Capitol building by crawling through a window at approximately 2:25 p.m. The complaint includes five photographs that show the family entering the building.

In the second series of photographs, security footage shows the family walking in-between the Crypt of the Capitol and the Capitol Visitor Center.

The family also entered the Senate wing of the building before exiting the building through another window.

In a video posted to the social media platform Parler, the family can be seen inside the Crypt. Additional video footage showing the Munn family inside the building was also presented as part of the evidence.

After securing multiple federal search warrants, agents reviewed seven Facebook accounts associated with the Munn family. The complaint includes several private and public conversations.

  • Kristi Munn to Jarod X on 1/7/21: "We were in the capital !!” ... “Just keep that bit of info on the DL for right now.”  
  • Mindy X to Kristi Munn on 1/7/21: “How did anyone even get past the front doors... ‘With how secure it is’ makes me wonder if they was let in... My own thoughts.” 
  • Kristi Munn to Mindy X on 1/7/21: “There was no security” ... “No national guard !!” ... “I can promise you no one destroyed anything walking through the capital.”

That same day Kristi shared the following post: “I was just thinking... tear gas tastes like freedom #StopTheSteaI #TrumpIsMyPresident.” 

When a friend asked if they had been gassed during the attack Kristi replied: " “They gassed us all. We never fought back! We pushed forward and asked them to join us !! So proud of my Patriots.”

On January 6th, Tom Munn posted the following message on Facebook: "WOW!!! Made it back to the hotel about an hour ago...couldn't post in DC, no cell service? Have lots of pics and videos to follow as soon as we can get them downloaded...I need to tell you all that the media is LYING TO YOU...the DC police opened up on a small group climbing the scaffolding, with gas grenades...the concussions rippled through the crowd...which only ignited the crowd and patriots began chanting “they are stealing our country” and “press forward” as they were carrying the wounded out through us. The only damage to the capital building was several windows and sets of doors. Nothing inside the capital was damaged. As for the shooting, I did not see it but I can tell you, patriots NEVER made it to the chamber. There was no violence in the capital building, the crowd was NOT out of control...they were ANGRY!!! The media wasn’t even there, never saw any media or police...the vast majority of the crowd was heading back down Constitution and Pennsylvania avenues by 5pm, with virtually no police presence, as Antifa began marching through the middle of us towards the capital. They are now calling this and [sic] insurrection...?”

A search of Dawn Munn's private phone conversations revealed the following comments:

  • Dawn Munn to Clara X on 1/6/21: "We went in and stormed capital!”
  • Dawn Munn to Carman X on 1/6/21: "We were in capital!! ... I do mean IN the building!!” 
  • Dawn Munn to Kelsi Munn on 1/6/21: “We stormed in....went in and out broken window!!”
  • Kelsi Munn to Dawn Munn: “Who broke a window????? ... That’s way cool tho.”
  • Dawn Munn to Kelsi Munn: “They barricaded the door so they took out window...climbed in!!!”

Authorities also obtained records pertaining to Josh Munn's Facebook conversations.

  • Josh Munn to Joel X on 1/6/21: "Before you hear it on the news I am I [sic] family marched on DC today it was extremely cool we did enter the Capitol building with the” ... “Second group there was no violence from the protesters at all it all came from the police believe it or not” ... “It was super cool everything was cool till the cop used tear gas that is when people got mad but still never hurt anyone.”
  • Joel would then ask how the family entered the building and if they had broken in. Josh Munn then replied: "No we did not brake [sic] In the window was opne [sic] when i got there” ... “There was one thing that I will say we may have broken a couple Windows to get in but when we were there no one was allowed to damage break or steal anything in the Capitol building.”
  • Josh Munn to Kelsi Munn on 1/7/21: “So ya they don’t know shit and the cop look calm and happy outside of the capital but the one on the inside were trying to get us mad they would try using teargas shoot a couple of people with rubber bullets we weren’t over by that though” ... “I am still feeling the teargas so ya I’m pissed” ... “It was all over the Capitol building they used it in the hallway to try and keep us out.”

The FBI also included a conversation between Kauli Munn and Kerri Munn on 1/6/21 where Kerri asked how the march was going.

  • Kayli Munn then replied: “Fucking great! Holy shit we were inside the fucking capital!”

According to the FBI, in addition to the extensive video footage showcasing the Munn family and the social media posts, the agency also used cellular data to determine several phone numbers associated with the Munn family were utilized inside the Capitol building.

Kristi, Thomas, Dawn, Joshua, and Kayli Munn now face the following charges:

  • Knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority
  • Disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds
  • Disorderly conduct in a Capitol Building
  • Parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol Building

They were arrested and transported to the Randall County Jail.

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Insurrection is a crime. Name ONE  PERSON charged with such…otherwise shut it!

“Please show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”

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