WATCH: City Officials Give 2020 State of the City Address

SAN ANGELO, TX – The City of San Angelo's top officials Mayor Brenda Gunter and City Manager Daniel Valenzuela gave their annual state of the city address on Tuesday discussing how the city is and what the future looks like. 

Valenzuela started by showing thanks to all of the workers in San Angelo especially during this pandemic.

"I have so much appreciation for everyone at the City of San Angelo," said Valenzuela. "From our Mayor, to our council members, to our first responders, to all the directors, supervisors, and workers. Thank you." 

He then went on to talk about how the City of San Angelo's infrastructure. He spoke about the sealcoat project, the reconstruction of the major roads in San Angelo like Bell st. and soon to  be College Hills. He finished by talking about the improvements the city has made in its fire and police department.

Mayor Gunter then went on stage and talked about the greatest parts of San Angelo. From being recognized as a having the best preserved fort in the west to making it on the shop across Texas best stores list San Angelo is a top Texas City. The Mayor also discussed the benefits of everyone shopping local this year.

"We have not had an increase of 15% sales tax in decades," said Mayor Gunter. "We need to support local, we need to give local, we need to make sure that when we have an option to spend our money we do so locally in this community."

Overall the two seem to be ready to move forward from the pandemic and get things back to normal.

"San Angelo lets keep moving forward" finished Mayor Gunter.

This event was held on Oct. 14 at the McNease Convention Center. 


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