WATCH: Lt. Governor Candidate Grilled in Heated Exclusive San Angelo LIVE! Interview

SAN ANGELO, TX – Texas Democrat Mike Collier stopped by San Angelo LIVE! Tuesday morning during his tour of West Texas.  Collier lost the race for Lt. Governor to Dan Patrick and is contemplating a rematch.  

During the interview Collier wasn't given softball questions; instead he was asked about election integrity,  the power grid failure, COVID-19 response,  and Collier's upcoming re-run against Patrick.

Collier lost by just 4.8% to Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in 2018. Since his loss he served as Biden's senior advisor in Texas.

Watch the video above to see if he can change your vote.

Warning: The video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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Joe is such a partisan unprofessional hack, can't even have a conversation without interrupting after asking a question. Republicans have no civility, so it really is no surprise. What is a surprise is that Joe would put proof of his childish nature on display so nonchalantly. Mike comes through as intelligent, well educated and informed, level headed and calm under pressure, exactly what people need in leadership positions. He also stays on point about the real issues even when Joe keeps spouting unproven and unverifiable conspiracy theories about election fraud.


Joe also didn't link the article he was referencing at 11:27.

18:26 was interesting to hear, we know how much the terrorist republicans love violence (6th of January anyone?)

19:39 "sore wound" about the election, republicans are all about their feelings again. Same thing at 20:33, Joe says republicans are "upset" and "angry" about losing the election.

31:58 Joe goes on a tirade about a "culture war" which is just hilarious to anyone with an education.


Thank you for letting me know that Mike is running again, I donated and will be helping out with his campaign if I can.

"The worst thing that we could do is in the interest of advancing democracy that we actually attack it and hurt it"

Powerful stuff from Mike Collier @ 30:58


Here's the interview with then-AG Greg Abbott who was running for governor in 2014 when he swung through San Angelo.

"Republicans allege that Democrats use loose laws at the ballot box to register those who are ineligible to vote. To insure the integrity of the vote, one of the tools that is a common campaign issue today for Republicans is to require a voter photo ID. The Obama administration doesn’t want voter photo IDs.

"Abbott said as the Texas Attorney General, he led the fight against Obama’s U.S. Department of Justice and US Attorney General Eric Holder to keep in place the Texas voter photo ID that the legislature and Governor Rick Perry made law. “And in Texas, for this election, we will have the voter photo ID law,” Abbott said.

"A brief history on the voter ID law in Texas: On Oct. 9, a US District Judge ruled the law unconstitutional. Abbott appealed the ruling, and on Oct. 14, the 5th Circuit of Appeals in New Orleans issued to preliminary injunction against the District Judge’s ruling. The US Supreme Court confirmed that injunction with a 6-3 decision. The fight over keeping Texas’ voter ID law in place isn’t over, but the law is in effect for the Nov. 4 elections.

"“As attorney general, I have prosecuted voter fraud across the state of Texas. We’ve had dead people casting votes, live people voting twice, foreign nationals registered to vote illegally. It must be stopped and we will continue to fight cheating and illegal voting at the ballot box right here in Texas,” Abbott said.

"Democrats moan at the suggestion from any Republican that voter fraud exists. Their retort is that there is no voter fraud at all; and voter ID laws are a solution looking for a problem to solve.

"We asked Abbott privately to elaborate on the charge that voter fraud isn’t real.

"Abbott: “First, voter ID is supported by everyone in the state of Texas. We’ve seen all of the polling data that shows support by Republicans, by Democrats, by Hispanics, by African-Americans, Anglos. Every single group. Second, one reason why they support it is because they know that voter fraud is out there.”

"A more recent case, Abbott pointed out, is being investigated by the FBI in McAllen. There, cocaine was used to buy votes in a school board election and an election for county commissioner.

"“This [voter fraud] is something that is ongoing. It’s been here since the time of LBJ all the way up to today. And the U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that one of the effective tools to stop voter fraud is voter ID," Abbott said."


If I were a partisan hack, as you say, why must I endure your use of my platform to post very boring and uninteresting Marxist dribble day in and day out? Wouldn't a "partisan hack" block you?

Carry on. 


You guys used to effectively censor me by holding my posts for a few days before allowing them through, you don't do that anymore because I sent you a letter saying I would go public (because I take screenshots and videos of me posting) with your censorship. I'm glad to hear I am being noticed though, that is the goal really.

If you are not partisan Joe Hyde then tell us all publicly what stances on specific issues that you agree with the Democrats on. I will start as a show of good faith. I agree with Republicans about the 2nd amendment thing, although I think the backround check system should be revamped to handle the demand better. I completely disagree with O' Rourke and the like that we should take assault rifles away and limit magazines. I also think that an ID to vote is fine, although there should be a way to get one at no cost.


So the man is bragging that he help get Biden elected.  Biden has said that it’s ok for children to cross the border without any adults.  We now have children roaming the desert hoping to be found.  It won’t be long before we start funding their bodies.  Collier how about you do us a favor and go away. Society really does not need your help.


Trying to whitewash stuff with your BS.

You whine about feeling, when you guys talk only about feelings in regards TO EVERYTHING. And you’re talking about an election that was literally stolen through the use of false ballots that were recorded being rerun through the machines. Documented false addresses were used on these mail in ballots with people that didn’t exist and Democrat judges refused to hold hearings because they didn’t want the scandal and help from China through a company in Spain into Dominion’s systems weren’t fixed and manually loaded with false information. 

But since the FBI has become so convoluted and corrupted, there’s evidence and civil witnesses to democrats bribing agents to influence, they failed to take action. Just like how they made up stuff in other situations.


Show us all some links to the proof of these assertions. 

Christopher Wray (FBI director) is a republican,

Trumps own judges ruled against him,

Well, all in all, if there is any proof or evidence of election fraud then fox news and their lawyers should be very happy about the lawsuit dominion filed against them, perfect opportunity to show it and have the case dismissed right?


From The Texan:

Jonathan White, the chief of the election fraud section in the Texas Attorney General’s Special Prosecution Division, testified during a meeting of the Texas House Elections Committee on Thursday that the number of active election fraud cases is “higher than our historical average by a long shot.”

White was offering his perspective as a neutral witness as the committee considered House Bill (HB) 6, legislation by Chairman Briscoe Cain (R-Deer Park) that would strengthen penalties for voter fraud, add protections for poll watchers, and give more priority to election fraud claims in Texas courts.

Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches) asked White whether there were “trends developing” in election fraud prosecutions.

“I can say that our cases are currently at an all-time high, and that’s for several reasons probably, but we have more cases today. We have 510 offenses pending against 43 defendants in court right now,” White testified, noting that cases are also getting more complicated.

Source: The Texan.


Source: terrorist republicans who tried to take over the government on the 6th of January because they can't handle the fact that they lost.

155 convicted, 43 defendants (who have not been convicted I assume), out of ~29,000,000 Texans? Thats nearly nothing, and well within margin of error for even counting votes. But it is not nothing, I will give you that.

Further more, if you say there is election fraud, then why are you trying to overturn only the results where republicans lost? If it was as widespread as you say it is then there would be republicans that were elected fraudulently right?


Typical ignorant demo lib. Of the 400 or so charged following the so-called “insurrection” at the Capital, only three people have been referred to by prosecutors as “terrorists”...although not formally charged with such since their alleged crimes don’t meet that criteria.

Tell you what. You stop (falsely) referring to republicans as terrorists and I’ll stop calling democrats ignorant. Deal?


The issue with that is I agree with you that some democrats are ignorant. I would much rather be ignorant than a terrorist (or even called so.)

I watched the videos live of all the terrorist republicans storming the capitol and climbing the walls (but walls work right) and breaking into the buildings to get to the representatives, they even brought a gallows and noose with them. I saw red MAGA hats and trump flags everywhere. It is obvious what happened, It's just some people refuse to accept that they are part of a group of people that are terroristic traitors to the United States of America. But then again we still have people waving confederacy flags (they lost too by the way, a common theme with terrorists and traitors is seems.)


Approximately 85% of those charged charged with trespassing, although all the majority of them did was walk through an OPENED door!


Was talking about the ones who came in through the front door of the Capital not the ones who broke in through a side window ;)


Red MAGA hats and Trump flags oh my!

You’re missing my point (imagine that). You referring to ALL republicans as “terrorists” is no different than me referring to ALL democrats as “ignorant”. Neither one is factual all remarks like that do is perpetuate the division we’re seeing now. But you don’t care about that because you’re just a TROLL looking to stir something up!


I would much rather be called ignorant than BE a terrorist, like republicans are.

"Red MAGA hats and Trump flags oh my!"

I put that in there because quite a few delusional terrorist republicans claim that it was done by other people not associated with trump, but of course trump said himself they were all his supporters and the supporters themselves say they were there for trump;

I'm not a troll ( at least I am sincerely not trying to be), my goal is to put forth facts about misleading (at best, usually they are outright lies) right wing (terrorist) propaganda. At least I post links to support my claims, you guys can't, and won't, ever prove your assertions, which is very very telling.


Trump himself said they were his own people;

The terrorists themselves said they were there on trumps orders;

The organizers of the riot were on trumps payroll;

Not to mention the hundreds of videos taken of the riot/insurrection (most of which was taken by the terrorist's themselves, ironically.) Note all of the "TRUMP 2020" flags and red "MAGA" hats.

If I am "ignorant" in the face of all this evidence, then YOU post something that says otherwise. None of you can ever actually refute me with any evidence of your own.


Not sure if you’re aware, but homemade gallows/nooses are not uncommon at political demonstrations, even those (GASP) by the left.  Falls under the category of freedom of know that 1st Amendment thing ;)


Alright, find a picture of a gallows/noose at an obvious democrat demonstration or protest and post it here.


I don’t post links you’re the expert find it yourself. Also goes beyond silly homemade gallows...not at all uncommon for demonstrators to burn people in effigy ;)


"you’re the expert find it yourself."

I can't, so you are just making things up.

"What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence." - Christopher Hitchens


I am always touched that you follow me so closely that you can remember things that I have said weeks ago, I think there is a basis in psychology for some kind of infatuation/adoration of me by you, how sweet.

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