Show My Your Papers! Travel Documents Including Covid Vax Status Mandatory


WASHINGTON—As non-essential travel restrictions lift and travelers prepare for the busy holiday season, advance preparation will become even more important. Longer-than-normal wait times and long lines at air and land ports of entry are expected, so travelers are reminded to exercise patience. However, to make their wait times as expedient as possible, CBP is providing 10 travel tips to improve the travel experience.

Prepare your documents. Before embarking on a trip to the United States, travelers should be prepared for the following:

Possess a Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative document, such as a valid U.S. passport, Trusted Traveler Program card, or Enhanced Tribal Card, ready.

Possess proof of an approved COVID-19 vaccination as outlined on the CDC website, and verbally attest to your travel intent and COVID-19 vaccination status.

Be prepared to present any other documents requested by the CBP officer.

Facial biometrics. Travelers should be prepared to have their photo taken by a CBP officer during the enhanced inspections process at entry. Known as Simplified Arrival, travelers now have their identity verified through a secure, touchless facial biometrics process that further secures and streamline travel into the United States. The biometric facial comparison process only takes a few seconds and is more than 98 percent accurate while protecting travelers’ privacy. U.S. citizens can voluntarily participate in the facial biometric process. More information on CBP’s use of facial biometrics and the opt out process for U.S. citizens can be found here.

Research your destination. U.S. citizens planning to travel outside of the United States for the holidays should visit for destination information. Each country has its own COVID-19 and safety restrictions, so researching this information ahead of time will make the travel experience easier.

Download CBP One. Non-citizens traveling into the United States can download the CBP One mobile application to apply for an  I-94 up to seven days in advance. CBP One is a mobile application that serves as a single point of entry for travelers and stakeholders to access CBP mobile applications and services. Through a series of intuitive questions, it will guide each type of user to the appropriate services based on their needs. The CBP One app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Prep your ESTA or I-94. Although having an approved Electronic System for Travel Authorization is not a requirement to enter the United States through a land border, Visa Waiver Program country citizens and nationals must have an active ESTA to use the CBP One I-94 Apply feature. CBP encourages these travelers to obtain an approved ESTA to take advantage of the time savings offered by using CBP One or the CBP I-94 website. With an ESTA, these travelers can apply for their I-94 in advance of arrival and avoid filling out the Form I-94W at a port of entry.

Report your food, cash, and memorabilia. Both U.S. citizens and non-citizens must declare everything they bring into the United States from abroad, even if bought it in a duty-free shop. Some items, such as ivory, tortoiseshell products, and certain foods and plants are prohibited in the United States. Visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture website for more information. Some foods, merchandise and total currency of $10,000 or more can be brought to the United States but must be declared on a U.S. CBP Customs form. Failure to do so can result in stiff financial penalties and loss of your possessions.

Schedule your agriculture inspection. Beginning Nov. 30, travelers can use the CBP One mobile app to provide advanced notification if they require inspection of agriculture and biological products upon arrival at an airport in the United States. Click here for more information. Categories for declaration will include:

Biological materials that may require permits issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Pets, specifically birds and dogs, accompanying travelers in various capacities that carry the potential of introducing foreign animal diseases to the U.S. or other public health concerns

Cleaning and disinfection of shoes

Hunting trophies

Avoid counterfeits. Be cautious when buying from street vendors or other illegitimate shops while on vacation. These items often support criminal activity, violate intellectual property rights, and can be unsafe for consumers. More information on intellectual property rights can be found here. Note that CBP officers can inspect you and your belongings without a warrant.

Consider duty exemptions. Items brought abroad for personal use or as gifts are eligible for duty exemptions. If you are bringing them back for resale, they are not eligible for duty exemption. More information on duty exemptions can be found here.

Consider your medications. Be aware of traveling with medications. Many foreign-made medications are not approved for United States use and are not permitted in the country. When traveling abroad, bring only the medication you will need, and make sure it is in the original container.

For more information on holiday or other future travel plans, continue to monitor the CBP website.

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One step closer to the oppressive yoke of tyranny choking every last resemblance of freedom from us.  Keep in mind people, that the freedoms you give up today are the freedoms that your grandchildren will never know existed.

You read this and understand that all though its titled for maximum effect to trigger rubes, these are restrictions for folks coming into the united states from foreign countries.  The very folks that the conservative folks writing this glorified conservative blog dont want here in the first place. 

Facial biometrics is just one step closer to a totalitarian and oppressive government with their boot heels on the backs of our necks.

Facial biometrics is people approved. They have it figured out call it a better feature on a phone and everyone will sign up for it.  Its silly to think anything will ever be forced on us, they show it to us and the masses beg for it.  None of this changes the god awful headline of this article meant to trigger rubes. 


I don’t really care how benign you liberal dipsticks think facial recognition software is, I don’t want my biometrics, or for that matter any other “information” of mine, floating around in some database somewhere ;)

You have voted, you are in a database. You have a social security number, you are in a database. You have been to the hospital, you are in a database.

Z Z, Fri, 11/26/2021 - 20:13

We may never know the truth per say, but this does look what a disguise biological attack would look like.

It’s the same with doing away with the filibuster…it’s incredibly naive to think that’s not going to come back and bite you someday ;)

Glad you admit that republicans will abuse their power if given the chance. Of course with all of the gerrymandering and taking over of state legislatures, not to mention the voter suppression bills, it's fairly obvious that if a republican wins in the future it will be because they (somewhat legally) cheated. When republicans can't win democratically, they will reject democracy, and that is exactly what they have done.

But republicans aren’t the ones who want to do away with the filibuster it’s democrats. Just explaining the obvious take it for what it’s worth ;)

Because republicans are obstructionist's who only care about derailing the democrats at the expense of America and the American people.

Republicans only goals are to take away rights, to ban things they don't like, and preventing people from voting (and cheating, and taking control of state legislatures) because they know they will lose otherwise. Republicans have rejected democracy and therefore America itself.

Poor babies. Typical brainwashed liberal ideologue…will argue until hell freezes over about something EVERYONE knows is true lol.

Republicans have eliminated the filibuster before (for their supreme court nominees), and trump has called for it to end as well.

You can thank Obama for that he was first to invoke the “nuclear option” for presidential appointees ;)

Yet you gripe at me for blaming trump for things he did, such a hypocrite.

You just lost any ability to say anything when I talk about trump being the reason for something.

Like you say, "trump was in the hotseat"

Haha you were one deflecting all I did was give you a taste of your own medicine. Bitter…right?

Now you are trying to back track and make excuses because you don't like the fact that I called you out. Figures.

That is all you have? 

How does it feel to always lose? I guess as a republican you would get used to it eventually.

Although, you people do get so upset that you try to take over the government, so maybe it just always stays with you.

Why would I cry because I proved you a hypocrite yet again?

I won, you lost, just like republicans do.

You even had to edit your post to attempt to be more volatile.

This concerns loss of life at their feet.  Considering the rot infecting the wretched creatures now, should we be surprised?

This concerns loss of life at their feet.  Considering the rot infecting the wretched creatures now, should we be surprised?

Maybe you should stop reading that garbage for a while. You might see things how the “wretched creatures” do. Do you actually talk that way or is it to seem intelligent?

Didn’t you know they’re all “geniuses” just look who they voted into office lol.

How many times do I have to tell you, a vote for Biden was not a necessarily a vote for Biden himself, it was a vote against trump, America voted, and they overwhelmingly rejected trump.

Hey I get it. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to justify voting for a racist, dementia ridden old fool like Biden ;)

Still better than trump. By far.

But I see you are at least coping with your loss a little bit. That's good. You need time to heal from a sore wound that big.

Oh please! Apparently Trump did something right the Biden administration just announced they’re officially reinstating Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy ;)

"just announced"? He's been talking about it since at least September when the supreme court refused to block the policy.

Talking about something is not doing it. Bottom line…it’s a clear admission of the EPIC failure by the Biden administration to control our southern border ;)

Like trumps failure to control it in 2019 (and the current one that started under him)? Or are you going to once again downplay the fact that trump had two surges that you republicans ignore?

If trump had controlled the border in 2020 we might not be in this mess at all. In fact I am almost positive he did it on purpose to hurt Biden, he is that petty and hates America that much (of course all republicans hate America, they are the ones trying to take away rights after all).

The hilarious thing is you really have no idea how much of a fool people think you are lol.

I didnt say you were wrong just that in general the american public on both sides equally eagerly sign up for these things and then dumbly argue that things are forced on them.  You may not fall in this category but most do.  Nothing will ever be forced on us, just presented as an easier way to do something and people will camp out in front of an apple store to get it.  

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