Border Patrol Delays Report of Fatal Crash Until After Biden's Brief Border Visit


UVALDE – Two illegal migrants were killed and eight others injured in a crash during a high speed chase through Uvalde back in September and the Biden Administration delayed the report until Tuesday after his visit to the border.  

According to information released by the Border Patrol Tuesday, "there was an internal delay in the posting of this statement. Notifications to Congress were completed in a timely fashion. In an effort to fulfill our responsibilities and commitment to transparency and accountability, we are completing our public post at this time."

On September 28, 2022, a Border Patrol agent driving an unmarked U.S. Border Patrol vehicle was traveling westbound on US Highway 90 toward the Uvalde Border Patrol Station immigration checkpoint, located approximately 9.7 miles west of Uvalde, Texas.

At approximately 5:54 p.m., the agent observed a black Toyota Tacoma pickup truck drive through a ranch fence gate near the eastbound lanes of US Highway 90, approximately eight miles west of Uvalde. The agent observed the pickup truck drive recklessly into the median, onto US Highway 90, and proceeded eastbound toward Uvalde. The agent broadcasted over his service radio he observed multiple occupants inside the pickup truck and requested Uvalde Border Patrol Station contact the Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office along with the Uvalde Police Department to intercept the pickup truck. The Border Patrol agent additionally requested available units from several locations to respond to the intersection of US Highway 481 and US Highway 90 to get behind the vehicle. The agent turned his vehicle around and followed the pickup truck eastbound for approximately one mile before the pickup truck slowed and veered to the shoulder of the highway. The agent activated the vehicle’s emergency lights and reported the pickup truck then re-entered the eastbound lanes of US Highway 90 and continued toward Uvalde at a high rate of speed. The agent followed behind the pickup truck, broadcasting over his service radio the direction of travel and the location of the pickup truck as it passed known landmarks.

A Uvalde Police Department officer responded to assist on US Highway 90, between Dunbar Lane and the Uvalde County Fairgrounds, approximately three miles west of Uvalde. The Uvalde Police Department officer reported he observed the pickup truck with front-end damage approaching his location and observed a vehicle with red and blue emergency lights following behind the pickup truck. The police officer successfully deployed a Uvalde Police Department issued tire deflation device and the Border Patrol agent reported he received a thumbs up signal from the Uvalde police officer, indicating it was a successful deployment. At approximately 5:59 p.m., the agent broadcasted over his service radio that the pickup truck was spiked and was passing the Uvalde Cemetery, located within the city limits.

A second Border Patrol agent, driving a marked U.S. Border Patrol vehicle, observed the pickup truck traveling east past the intersection of US Highway 90 and US Highway 481 at a high rate of speed. The second agent turned onto US Highway 90 behind the pickup truck with his vehicle’s emergency lights activated. The agent later informed other Border Patrol agents, via radio, he was unable to maintain a visual due to the high rate of speed the pickup truck was traveling.

Shortly after the pickup truck drove past the intersection of US Highway 481 and US Highway 90, a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper traveling westbound on US Highway 90 observed the pickup truck traveling on the median of US Highway 90 being pursued by a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle with its emergency lights activated. The Texas trooper activated his emergency equipment, performed a U-turn to assist the Border Patrol agent, and followed behind the marked U.S. Border Patrol unit continuing eastbound on US Highway 90 driving toward Uvalde.

At approximately 6 p.m., agents reported they lost sight of the suspect pickup truck. Approximately one minute later, an agent reported the pickup truck was involved in a three-vehicle collision with a semi-tractor trailer and a Dodge Dakota truck at the intersection of Getty and Main streets in Uvalde. Within seconds, agents requested emergency medical services respond to the scene. At approximately 6:03 p.m., Uvalde EMS and the Uvalde Fire Department arrived on scene and began rendering aid to injured individuals. Border Patrol agents, Texas Department of Public Safety and Uvalde Police Department responding officers assisted EMS and Uvalde Fire Department units. Agents reported they assisted EMS and Uvalde Fire Department units by extracting injured individuals from the wreckage in order for medical personnel to render aid.

The driver of the Toyota pickup truck, a 17-year-old female Mexican citizen, and a male Mexican citizen suffered fatal injuries as a result of the collision. Both individuals were pronounced deceased at the scene by a Uvalde County Justice of the Peace. The remaining eight occupants of the vehicle sustained various injuries and were transported by life flight and EMS units to surrounding hospitals in San Antonio. The drivers of the semi-tractor trailer and Dodge Dakota were transported to a local hospital and later released with non-critical injuries.

This incident is being investigated by the Texas Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security Investigations and is under review by the Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Professional Responsibility. Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General was also notified.

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Just the tip of the iceberg I’m sure. Makes me wonder what else is being done in an effort to “sanitize” the situation at our southern border…just like was the case in El Paso when all the homeless illegals were moved off the streets just prior to Biden showing up ;)

Are we for or against the Border Patrol? I forget.  Are they protecting our border or are they a subordinate cabal to the Democratic cabal which is subordinate to the Jewish cabal?  I need Q's take on this.

What legislation, and be specific, has Biden or Democrats passed that is "marxist"?

I can assure you that nobody in power on the left wants that, they want basically what everyone else in the developed world has, social healthcare (medicare for all), a minimum wage tied to inflation and taxes for the rich, amongst other things that would make ALL Americans lives better, easier and less stressful.

We can look at the sweden and denmark model and work from that. 

“To each according to his need, from each according to his ability”…a Marxist tenet ;)

Sweden and Denmark hilarious! EXTREMELY small countries…both geographically and population wise ;)

Oh well he was obviously personally involved. I bet he was the agent driving the unmarked patrol car! If I condense my world view down to 50 miles of land, it’s the only thing that makes sense! 

You watch. Just like was the case with the supposed “whipping” of illegal immigrants, Majorkas
will blame the agents involved, not the criminal activity leading up to the accident!

I’m watching. And waiting for any “news source” to make any conspiracy claims about this random car accident. You are paranoid my man. This is a nothing burger. 

So Majorkas not at fault for the shitshow at our southern border unless he’s “personally involved”?

Sounds about right. No wonder you need a telescope such a myopic view ;)

Oh that’s right. According to Majorkas “the border is secure” lol.

Such useful idiots on the left it never ceases to amaze me.

Indeed! Meanwhile…STILL no apology for blaming CBP agents for the supposed “whipping” incident ;)

“Tax the rich”

You could tax the rich at 100 percent and barely even put a dent in our 30+ trillion dollar debt. The interest alone will eventually break us so much for “a better life” for everyone especially generations to come ;)


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