DETAILS: Eldorado Rocked By Allegations of Improper Educator/Student Relationships


ELDORADO, TX – Two Schleicher ISD educators were arrested over the past week for improper relationships with students.

The first arrest came from the Schleicher County Sheriff's Office. On Jan. 16, 2023, Abby Ramos, 28, of Eldorado, turned herself in to the Schleicher County Jail for a warrant for Improper Relationship Between an Educator and a Student. She was released from the SCJ the following day after posting a $30,000 bond.

The second arrest came from the Tom Green County Sheriff's Office. On Jan. 16, 2023, Ruben Tambunga, 69, of Eldorado was arrested for a grand jury indictment out of Schleicher County for Improper Relationship Between an Educator and a Student. He was released the same day from the jail on a $30,000 bond.

The SCISD Superintendent confirmed Ramos was accused of having a relationship with a high school student at Eldorado High School. She was terminated as the head Eldorado High School Softball Coach and the assistant on other sports teams. She has been employed at SCISD since Dec. 2015.

For Tambunga, although he has just now been indicted and arrested, he has not been an employee with SCISD since last March 2022.  He worked as a teachers aid while employed at the school district. 

If convicted the two could spend up to 20 years in prison and face a fine up to $10,000. They would also have to register as a sex offender annually for life.

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It just blows my mind that there are any teachers out there who still think they can diddle the kids and no one will ever find out. Kids talk, and social media exacerbates the spread of info. They deserve every day of a 20 year sentence.

I think I can safely say that sexual criminals and child molesters are not acting out of any political agenda. That's all in your disturbed head.

But you would be screaming about it if it was a democrat right? 

Most sexual predators are republicans, or part of the church. fact.

Strange you'd mention a political party and pedophilia while we have the kid sniffer in chief as a residing president. Honestly can't imagine which brain cell of yours created that idiotic thought.

If you think I'M a Republican, you really need to think about checking into to the Goiter Trace Shelter For Those Who Don't Have A Clue.  I just don't care for imbecilic posts.


A lad with whom I worked quite some time ago had a wife whom I would describe as beautiful, which is not a word I use often to describe women.  She was gorgeous.  For reasons I never knew they later divorced.

Some time after I lost touch with this lad he sent me a newspaper picture of a female teacher accused of sexual misconduct with a male student.  I was aghast when he indicated this was his ex-wife since her appearance had changed radically since the last time I had seen her, and not at all for the better.

It seems she had left the company for which we all worked, became a high school teacher, and apparently found the charms of one of her students attractive to the point of doing highly inappropriate things with him.  Caught.  Busted.

I found this whole thing very strange because, as I stated before, this was a very attractive woman, and while in my dealings with her I never thought her to be a genius I also never thought her to be stupid.  I will confess I caught vibes coming off her that made me uncomfortable, but that may simply be the result of my previous relationship train wrecks.

My point is simply this:  While this current case and the situation I described are very different, it simply seems there are people out there choosing to do highly inappropriate things with highly inappropriate "partners" for reasons we relatively normal folks cannot understand.  I am NOT saying they should not be punished for their actions.  I just wish I knew what the hell motivates them so we could possibly fix it in others.


We should publicly execute the monsters that fk with our children. We have to keep our most valuable assets safe.  They need to know that if they get caught, they're dead.  I think it would put an end to a bunch of it.

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