Experienced Diesel Mechanics

We are ready to put you to work at Harrell Truck & Tractor in Ballinger, Texas.
We specialize in big trucks, tractors and heavy equipment repairs. We have a
waiting list of jobs that need to be completed, but need you to help get those
taken care of. We also do service calls in the field or on the highway.

Qualifications: Must have driver’s license, be able to pass drug test, be safety-
oriented, be able to communicate effectively, be flexible and open to learning.

Must be a good listener, patient and a knowledgeable, team player. Must be
able to work independently, without assistance at times, in a fast-paced
environment. Must take pride in your work and have a good attitude. Must
maintain a clean work environment and maintain condition of company tools
and equipment. Must be efficient and ready to work. Must be able to relay
details of parts/products used on each job so that they can be properly billed.
Must have your own tools.

For application/questions, email [email protected] or call 325-442-2051.


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